Rachelle Lefevre

Rachelle Lefevre is a well-known actress from Canada. She has acted in many television series like “What about Brian”,”Swingtown” and “Boston Legal”. She became a popular face after enacting the role of Victoria Sutherland, the vampire in the initial two movies of “Twilight Saga”. She has been active since the year 1999.

Biography and Early Life

Rachelle came into this world on 1st February 1979 at Montreal located in Quebec. Her father used to teach English and his origin was from North Ireland and France, while her mother was a psychologist and came from Jewish background. Her parents separated after few years of her birth and her mother remarried a rabbi. She has 3 siblings and all are sisters.

She received her initial education from Centennial Academy, which was a private school. Later on, she attended Dawson College where she chose creative arts. Rachelle has also taken a course of theater at the High School of Walnut located in Natick city, Massachusetts during summers. She began her coursein literature and education from the McGill University; however, she was not able to complete her studies and did not earn a degree.

Acting Career

She was spotted by a television producer of Canada while she used to work at a Westmount-based sushi bar. Her foremost audition was for “Student Bodies”, though she did not receive the role. She landed her first role in TV series named “Big Wolf on Campus” during 1999 in which she portrayed the character of Stacey Hanson.

After that Rachelle acted in various television shows like “See Jane Date”, “Hatley High” and “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind” etc. In the year 2004, she relocated to Western Hollywood of California. She has displayed her acting skills in various movies also like “Noel”, “Head in the clouds” and “The river king”. She has also made guest appearances in a number of television dramas which includes “Charmed”, ”Love’s a Witch” and “Undressed”


Rachelle has acted in a variety of movies and television shows but her acting career reached new height after she played the role of Victoria, a vampire in the Twilight series. She was very much passionate about her role in this movie. She worked hard to get accustomed to her character and also learned trapeze for her role. She also acted in the movie “New Moon” which is the second film of the series. Rachelle was overwhelmed with the huge popularity and love she got from her fans after working in the Twilight. She became famous by the name Victoria. However, in the third movie of the series “Eclipse”, her role was given to Bryce Howard due to conflicting schedules.

Personal Life

Rachelle has been active in charity work for many years. She donated $100 to The Cure which is a charity for breast cancer. She had also initiated an auction on eBay for On Wheels which is a charity school and gives education to homeless kids of South California. She is a socialist and resides in Los Angeles. Her natural hair color is brown which adds to her beauty. If we take a look at her relationship status she is not married but is in a relationship with actor Jamie King. Currently, she has a total net worth of $1.5 million.

Last Modified: Nov 15, 2020

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