Liz Symon is happily married to Michael Symon’s. Liz and her husband have one child known as Kyle Symon. Moreover, Liz is Michael’s business partner in the diversified chain of Michael Symon Restaurants including Roast Restaurant in Detroit, Cleveland’s Lola Bistro and B Spot Burger.

Personal Life

Liz’s marital affair was almost shaken when her husband was recently engaged in a controversy following his attendance of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival which was held in Florida. It happened that during the event, Michael, Liz’s husband, posted photos of himself flaunting with the models of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue as they were celebrating the annual edition’s 50th anniversary – including a shot where the supermodel Chrissy Teigen was sitting in Michael’s lap.

Major news coverage of the story ensued including the story of the chefs making a $1,000 minimum pay in the Charity Volleyball Tournament in order to play beside the models (the proceeds accruing from the charity were meant for the Armed Forces Foundation). However, to Liz, this was just but a media exaggeration since her marriage is still intact without any divorce alarms.

Symon and Liz have been in marriage for quite a long time despite the fact that the couple met at a time when Liz already had a child – Kyle. In his kind-heartedness and generosity, Michael never thought it a bother to be Kyle’s step-father. As a matter of fact, he provided the child with all support and love a child requires. Kyle is now a mature adult and does music professionally. Liz and her husband have no other children as of yet.

Based on the remarks progressed by Answers, Symon repeatedly and openly mentions Kyle in a majority of his shows. In one interview, Michael mentioned that during Kyle’s earlier years, he and Liz often had dinner in the company of Kyle so as to build the father-son intimacy. Also, Michael assisted and supported Kyle in opening a Donut shop. Truly, Michael is a role model indeed.


Based on Michael’s biography and as aforementioned above, Liz Symon and Michael Symon are business partners in a chain of restaurants (Michael Symon Restaurants) which includes restaurants such as Roast Restaurant in Detroit, Cleveland’s Lola Bistro and B Spot Burger. Michael and Liz’s business partnership dates back to 1997, when they opened Lola in the Tremont neighborhood in Cleveland – at this time, Liz was just Michael’s fiancée.

The town was in its developmental stages and the food scene pioneers, Lynda Khoury and Gerry Groh, were the “big deal” at the moment; their new restaurant – Bohemia – was among the first in Tremont. However, after they progressed to other ventures, the Symons bought the space and it has since then grown to be among America’s Best Restaurants. After opening the restaurant in Tremont, Michael has ever since progressed to opening many other joints, an initiative in which he partners with his wife all along. However, despite all these information of Liz’s entrepreneurial practices, her net worth is unknown.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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