Theresa was born on 27 December 1964. She was born in Los Angeles in California in the United States of America. There is no information available about her parents or siblings but it is known that her childhood was mostly spent in California. There is not much information available about her school either but it is known that her career started while she was in school. She started as a dancer and as a comedian.  It is also known that in later stages of life she started studying at Beverly Hills High School and she started her professional career right after her college.

As she completed her college, she got a role to work in a commercial and at the same time she also received a lot of roles in drama as well. She gained a lot of fame in 1983 when she appeared in a view known as Last Dance. Later in 1987, she got a chance to work in a movie and the name of the movie was Maid to Order. She also did several shows on small screen. There are several roles that she did to reach this position in life. It is known that she was also nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorited Supporting Actress in a Horror Show. This was in 1997 and she received this nomination for her work in Spawn.

Theresa worked in over 23 movies and one of the movies is going to be released in 2018. The name of the movie is Bad Boys for Life. It is also known that prior to this, she did her last movie in 2010. Talking about the TV shows, she worked in only 6 TV shows and the first one she did was in 1989 and the name of the show was A Different World. In 2007, Theresa worked in State of Mind and since then she hasn't worked on small screen. As per the records, she didn’t work from 2010 to 2017 and there is no information about the actual reason.

The name of her husband is known to be Father M C. his actual name is Timonthy Brown and he worked in several albums like Sex is Law and No Secrets. It is also known that Theresa dated him for a long time before getting married and as per the official records, Theresa’s husband also has a daughter from his previous marriage. There is no information available about the custody of his child and at present, Theresa doesn’t have a biological child. She is also already 52 years old hence her plans of parenting a child might not get fulfilled.

There is no information available about the salary of Theresa and the information about her net worth is also not available on the online sources. Though she has a high net worth and that can be said because of the success she received. She also has a lot of fans on social media platforms like twitter and Instagram.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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