Dale was born on 2 August 1948. He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and he was born in Logan in Lowe in the United States of America. There is no information available about his parents of education and there is very limited information available about his early life. It is known that at present he has a house in Texas and he lives there with his family. At present, he is known to be one of the best sportscasters and he has an audience of 300 thousand viewers.

Talking about his career, he started his career long back in Lowe with a radio station. He started working as a disc jockey and then he was promoted to a manager in operations in KCOB. It is known that he used to cover newton cardinals along with newton note how. Later he left the job there and started working at KNIA reporter. He was working there as News Director.

After working there for few years, he started working at KMTV and he later moved to KDFW. In 1983 it was reported that Dale was joining WFAA. He got a lot of fame after exposing a scandal involving Southern Methodist University’s football player. The scandal was related to the payment of the fee. For the same report, he was honored with Peabody Award along with DuPont-Columbia Award. It is known that he also received a lot of death threats for the same but he continued to work and excel is his field.

In the same year, Dale revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse when he was a child and he wanted to work for the same cause. It is said that he had been quite active with charity work as well. Dale had a charity service and it is known that the charity provided a scholarship to students. It is also known that he supported gay players in NFL and he received massive support because of his move.

Dale also worked as a play by play announcer and a color analyst. It is known that he was very passionate about working with radio and this is one of the reasons why he always kept on talking on the radio. He had many shows on local radio stations and it is known that he received many awards for his working in industry.

Dale was also honored with the award of Sportscaster of the year and he was given this award by Associate Press. It is known that Dale also received the award of Texas sportscaster of the year award for four times. This award was sponsored by National sportscaster and sportswriters association. This is not the end, he received many other awards as well.

As per the information, Dale is married and he is the father of two children. There is no information available about his wife. The salary of this sportscaster is not known and there is no information about his net worth either.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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