Steve Levy was born on 12 march 1965 in New york, USA. He was very inclined towards sports since he was a child. His parents are of white ethnicity and have American citizenship. He was a very talented kid and wanted to play football after growing up. He did his schooling from John F Kennedy High School in New York. Later he got himself enrolled into the State University of New York. He graduated from that college with a degree in broadcasting and communication in 1987. He has been a very good student all throughout his schooling days.

After completing his university degree he went searching for jobs and the one he found at first was at radio stations called WFAN channel. There he worked for quite a some time and gained some experience. A few months later he left the job and got one at MSG Network. He there after went from channels to channels in search for a perfect job but couldn't stay there for long as he had another expectation from the channel. He kept on looking and then he got an offer from ESPN in 1993.

He started his work as a sports journalist who followed small football league in the USA. He has, however, went on to become the chief football correspondent for the channel. Currently, he works as the Sportscenter and hosts Monday night football for the NFL. Previously he covered the NHL but later he moved over to the football journalism. He has been given the nick name as Mr. Extra Period. He got this nick name because he has covered all the 3 games that have been the longest in the history of hockey league. All three games have gone into the extra period and so he got his nick name.

He has been so famous that he does appearances in advertisements for watches as well as other companies. He is currently known to be a senior figure at the channel and also is known to be an expert on the sports related matters. Apart from being a journalist, Steve has bee an attorney as well. He started his career by aiming to become a surfer but soon realized that it was not his cup of tea so he moved to another profession. This time to the law he learned a bit and practiced for some time but he found it too boring to make a career out of it. It is at this time that he turned towards journalism and never looked back. He has also wanted to be a politician at some point in time.

There is very fewer data available about his personal life. He is a married man. He married his longtime girlfriend Ani Levy in 1999. The marriage ceremony took place in front of their parents and close friends. The couple has since then been living happily and there is no news of any dispute in the relationship. He has 2 children with his wife. His net worth is not known.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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