Andrea Mitchell was born on 30 October 1946 in Oklahoma, USA. She later moved to New York with her family due to business reasons. Her mother's name is Sydney Mitchel who worked as an administrator in New York institute of Technology and her father's name is Cecile Mitchell who worked as an executive officer of a company that was based in New York. Her father has also been the president of a company called the Beth Synagogue for 40 long years. She was born in a working upper middle class and enjoyed all the resources needed for a good childhood. She has a brother as well who has moved to Canada and has taken part in the Canadian politics.

For her education she went to New Rochelle High School later she got a degree in arts from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked at the radio station WXPN as news director in the year 1967. She started taking politics seriously when she was in college. After graduation, she joined KYW radio. She worked there for a while and became the head of the correspondent at the stations. Later she left the station for NBC news channel in 1978. This was a very important stage of her life as she went from working at a radio station to working at one of the biggest news networks in America. She started as chief white house correspondent and later was made the Congressional correspondent for the channel. She has also worked at the MSNBC channel.

She has had a very important hand in the Bush administration and she had to go through some controversies as well. She was once interrogated b FBI for her involvement in an administration leak. She was also involved with the CIA as she had to make clarifications for them as well. One incident that made her world famous was that when she asked the Sudanese prime minister some direct questions about the militants in the country she was shoved out of the room. This took the world by storm as the USA got really upset with the behavior of Sudanese officials. She also dragged herself in controversy when she referred to Virgin is as a Redneck country. She was later involved in a controversy related to Mitt Romney and showed a clip that made fun of him.

There is not much known about her personal life. She is married to Alan Greenspan who was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. He is infamously known for getting the USA into the economic meltdown by overseeing the bubble burst of 1995. Greenspan is her 2nd husband as she has been married before that as well but the marriage ended in divorce. Her first husband was Gil Jackson whom she was married to for a decade. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer which she revealed in 2011. The cancer was caught in an initial stage and the doctors were able to cure her. Her salary is known to be among the best in her business and so is her net worth which is understandable.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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