Stephen Colletti

Aside from being a TV personality, Stephen Colletti is as well an American actor who has played in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, an MTV reality show. However, in the show, Stephen only cast for two seasons. His fame was greatly driven by his role as Chase Adams in a TV series. Therefore, Stephen Colletti is popular among movies and TV shows audiences. Despite having an American nationality, Stephen ethnicity is mixed – Italian, English, Scottish and Swedish.

Apart from his Twitter and Instagram profiles, Stephen has a Wiki profile from where fans can dig in deeper with regards to his bio. However, Stephen’s bio is not without the numerous break ups he has had with numerous personalities. The consistent break ups Stephen has had in his relationships has made him not to be married as of yet since no girlfriend has stayed long enough to graduate to becoming his wife.   

Personal Life

Based on Stephen Colletti’s biography, the young American actor’s birth name is Stephen August Colletti with his birth date being February 7, 1986. The California-born actor is the youngest of his siblings who are named Lauren, his sister, and John, his brother. Stephen’s high school education was completed at Laguria Beach High School. Colletti started working while still in high school. Later on, Stephen joined San Francisco State University for his tertiary education.

Despite his involvement in many romantic relationships, Stephen is currently single. Surprisingly, none of Stephen’s relationships has ever lasted more than three years. For instance, in 1999, Stephen started dating Lalaine. However, in 2001, the two could no longer continue their love affair. Later that year, Stephen started seeing Kristin Cavallari. Stephen’s and Kristin’s relationship was probably the longest he has ever had as it was terminated in 2004.

Again, that same year, in 2004, Stephen initiated a relationship with Lauren Conrad. However, having stayed together for months, Stephen and Lauren broke up. Before long, Stephen was involved with Hayden Panettiere, but after approximately two years of loving each other, the two broke up. After a period of staying single, Stephen again approached Chelsea Kane and started dating. However, this was not to last either.

Career Life

As far as entertainment is concerned, Stephen Colletti has been an active player since his breakthrough in 2004. It took a shift to Los Angeles for his acting career to kick off. During his start, Stephen featured in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, an MTV’s hit show. After playing for two seasons, Stephen quitted the remaining seasons of the reality show. It was rumored that Stephen’s move to quit was based on his affair with Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad.

After some years, Stephen appeared on The Hills before working at MTV as a VJ. Playing Chase Adams on One Tree Hill spread his fame significantly. Colletti’s other films include Hit the Floor, Typical Adolescent Behavior, Big Name Undercover, What We Became, Status: Unknown, About Christmas Eve and Slaughter Katie Malone. Colletti has an estimated $1 million net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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