Gugu Mbatha

Gugu Mbatha is a young and beautiful British actress. She has gained popularity in the film industry from her prominent roles.

Personal life

Gugu Mbatha was born in the year 1983 on April 21th. She was born in England at the city of Oxfordshire. She was brought up in the small town of Whitney. Her father was an African doctor named as Patrick Mbatha and her mother was a medical nurse, Anne Raw. She went to the Henry Box School. Her father always expected her to become a doctor but she was more interested in the fashion and glamour industry.

Later, when she graduated from her high school, she joined the National Youth Theatre to undertake all round training in dancing, music and acting. She took training in dance from another institute also named as Judy Tompsett School of Dance. She also appeared in several dance shows and won many appreciations from the people. She also received an offer as a teacher from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. She is a very young and talented actress now and no information could be gathered regarding her personal life or husband.


Gugu Mbatha started her career as a minor television personality. She could not get into movies initially and appeared in the roles of the different television series. Her first appearance was in the TV show Bad Girls in the year 2006. After its grand success she also made appearance in the TV shows like Marple and Doctor Who.

After her role as Juliet in the movie Romeo and Juliet, she was honoured with the award for being the Best Actress. She has also won theatre award for her role as Juliet. In the year 2005, she was also casted in the theatre show Antony and Cleopatra as Octavia.

Next, in the year 2009 she was casted in Hamlet in the role of Ophelia. All her roles became very popular among her followers. She signed a contract with the Fox Television in the year 2011. She imparted the role in the popular television series Touch. She has also acted in the supporting roles in one of the popular romantic comedies as Larry Crowne.

She has received many appreciations from her followers for her consecutive successful roles in the popular TV serials. Most of her roles were based on historical characters. At such a young age, Mbatha has secured seven awards in her career. She won her first award for her role in the film Belle. The recent award, she won in the year 2016 was for her Breakthrough Performance in the film Belle.

Besides these awards, she has also received several national and international nominations. In an interview, she has also said that Belle was one of the best works in her career. In the year 2017, Mbatha did the role of Plumutte in the action movie Beauty and the Beast. Her popularity rose a step further after this role. Mbatha’s Instagram and Twitter accounts prove her large number of followers. The actress has a net worth of $500,000.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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