Josie Bissett

Jossie Bissett is one of the most renowned actresses in America. She is very popular for her particular television roles.

Personal life 

Josie Bissett was born in the year 1970 on October 5th. She was born to her British parents in Washington. She was the single child of her parents and was brought up in the Seattle city of Washington. Her mother was a fashion designer and her father was a business merchant. She was always encouraged by her mother, since childhood.

She considered her mother as a fashion icon and followed her footsteps. Bissett learnt fashion from her mother. Her mother was also an enthusiast and she always wanted her to step into the glamour world. She mastered the art of fashion and modelling at a very young age. She did her first television advertisement at the age of twelve.

She started her career as an advertisement model. Her first television work was a commercial advertisement. Her popularity kept increasing with her working experience in the glamour industry. In the year 1992, just at the age of twenty-two, Bisset married Rob Estes who is also a very successful actor.

In the year 1996, Bisset had to go through a major miscarriage which affected her emotionally. She could not recover from this for a long time but later, the couple was blessed with two children, Mason Bru and Maya Rose. The couple was really happy in their personal life but in the year 2005, some misunderstanding took place between them. Next year, Bisset got divorced with her husband and now lives in Bisset with her children.


Bisset started her career at an early age of twelve. After completing her high school education, she went to Japan for trying greater career opportunities, as a model. She was not disappointed and got many chances in her career, which helped her to head towards Hollywood. At the age of seventeen years old, she stepped into the industry as one of the youngest actress. After receiving some training, Bisset was casted in the two long seasons of The Hogan Family in the year 1990.

In the year 1992, she signed for Melrose which was a soap opera. She was given the role of a Jane Andrews Mancini, a fashion designer. The show became so popular that it went on for five seasons and in all the five seasons, Bisset was the lead actress. She has also been into telefilms like Dare to Love, The Fire Above, I Do and many others. She also made guest appearances in many television series such as the NBC’s Law & Order. She also worked in the movie The Other Woman, which was based on the original story of Joe Fielding.

Bisset started in some different movies which were mainly based on thrillers and psychological dramas from the year 1991 like Book of Love, Mikey and The Doors. She has also been successful in her career as an anchor in the TV shows like Love More, Parenting & Beyond and many more of this kind. Bisset is very popular among her followers and has many Instagram followers. She also has a net worth of $3 million.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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