Sara Martins

Sara Martins is a young and talented Portuguese actress who is very popular for her roles in televisions and movies.

Personal life

Sara Martins was born in the year 1977 on August 19th. She was born to her Portuguese parents at Faro, in Portugal. Her mother was model by profession and her father was a news reporter. She stayed in Portugal for three years with her parents but due to her father’s job transfer, they had to shift to France. She was also admitted to a ballet school of dance.

At the age of only five years, she performed so well that she got the chance to join the Lyon Opera. It was a very famous ballet dance school of that time and nobody, other than very experienced dancers, got the chance to learn from here. ‘Martins’ was such a great learner that she headed to the Paris Opera but was rejected. She was rejected from the Paris Opera because of her black complexion because they only appointed white dancers in their troupe. She shifted her concentration towards theatre.

Besides these, Martins also continued with her studies. She was earned a degree of law. After studying law, she pursued with her acting career. She took admission in the French National Academy of Dramatic Arts. She started her career as an actress in the year 2000. We could not gather any information regarding her personal life like her life partner or husband. She is possibly concentrating on her career only.


When Martins graduated from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts, she got the chance to work in the local production house of Le Radeau de la Méduse. She was appointed by Roger Planchon. This helped Martins a lot as she learnt many important things about acting. As she had a strong background of theatre, her acting skills were very good. She appeared in a French drama named as Le Costume where she received appreciations from many actors and directors. This appearance changed her professional life completely.

In the year 2001, she appeared on the television for the first time. She made her appearance in the television series ‘Police District’ which was counted as the best among the other TV shows. She appeared in many TV shows after this success.

The greatest turning point came in her career in the year 2011. She was offered the Death in Paradise, which a crime comedy drama by the France Televisions. The director of the show was previously impressed with Martins for her appearance in the Detectives. She was given a critical role of crime and comedy. She played the role of a cop. It was a British television fiction and it became very popular. Each and every character of the show was so skilfully talented that the four seasons of the show were very successful. This series earned Martins a lot of appreciation. She also has a large number of Instagram followers which mainly increased after this series. ‘Martins’ has a net worth of $600,000 which is quite good at such a young age.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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