Stephania Bell is a sportscaster with the ESPN channel. She comments on American soccer shows and also works as an injury analyst for the channel. Apart from being a commentator, she is also a qualified physical therapist. She uses this knowledge of her core qualification into her other vocation, that is sports broadcasting, and hence she has an edge over other commentators. She is also an author, having written the book The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide.

Early Life and Beginning of Career

Bell was born on May 20, 1966. She hails from San Francisco in California. She did her graduation at the Madeira School in McLean in Virginia. Then she moved on to learning at the Princeton University and did a major senior thesis in the French language. For this course, she learned La Comédie humaine. Further on, she also took a course for athletic training and finally did her post-graduation in physical therapy from the Miami University in 1991.

It is not surprising that this highly qualified personality worked in the teaching profession for several years. She was a professor for five years at the University of Kansas.

As an Injury Analyst

Stephania Bell first worked as an injury analyst for RotoWire, KFFL, and XM Radio, having started her profession in 2007. She started writing for the NFL blog, something that she continues to this day. She also became a columnist with ESPN.

Her career received a boost when ESPN Radio hired her as a co-host for their show Fantasy Focus. She then graduated to becoming an analyst for SportsNation. She was a sports injury analyst for the ESPN show Mike & Mike. Also, Bell had a minor brush with acting. She acted in one episode of the show One & Done.

Other Work

Steaphania Bell also practices as a therapist, with her practice being located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her clients are mostly artists and athletes from different domains. She is also a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

She is a very active blogger. Her blogs, which are about dealing with injuries, are closely followed by footballers. Bell even records her experiences at treating her clients and shares them on her blog. These athletes include star personalities such as Alex Rodriguez and Tiger Woods.

Recently, she has written a book titled The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide. It speaks of her wide-ranging experiences in the field of physical therapy and orthopedic care. She has not written any other books.

Personal Life

Stephania Bell is single. She is a much sought after celebrity and has a huge fan following, especially on Twitter. Her fans are mostly men of all ages. For a brief time, she was in a relationship with a man named Erik Kuselias, but they soon broke up. She frequently finds herself on the most desirable women lists in America.

Her role in the Fantasy Football series has recently made her popular with the younger generation as well. Currently, owing to her high salary and income from two major sources, she has a strong net worth. At close estimate, it was believed to be in the vicinity of $40 million.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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