Kevin Costner is a well known, versatile and superb American actor, producer, singer and musician. He is many awards winner including Emmy, Golden and Academy award. He supports and finance political parties. He is also a good sports man. Besides entertain in entertainment industry he also proved him as a successful business man. He owned business of casino, food and oil machines.

Early and Education life

Kevin was born on 18 January 1955 in Lynwood but his parent brought up him in Compton. He is the youngest kid of his parent. He studied at Buena and Villa Park high school. He was not academically strong. He had interest in sports, writing poetry, games and playing piano. He concluded his studies till graduation.



In the last year of Kevin graduation he married to his class-fellow. While on honeymoon, he met Richard Burton who judged his acting skills and encourage him to choose a profession as an actor. Alongside his market executive job he started taking acting class and after some years in 1974 he started his career. He debuted from the film “Sizzle Beach, USA” was released in 1986. In 1983 he got chance to work in the nuclear film named “Testament”. He worked under direction of his friend film named “Silverado” released in 1985. In the same year he filmed in two more small projects: “American Flyer” and “Fandango”. From 1987 Kevin’s career boasted up and he got lead role in “No way out”. In the same year he starred in “Untouchable” as federal agent. His worked in “Wyatt Earp” which was flopped. In 2014 he performed in spy film “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”. In 2014 he appeared in thriller film “3 days to kill”.


Besides acting, he directed films and also act in it. Success story of Kevin started. In 1990 he acted in his own direction “Dance with Wolves”. Film won seven academy awards. In the same year “Revenge” released in which Kevin appeared as excellent actor. He also worked in his own direction “Open Range”. After many years he seated on the chair on direction and the film “A little war of our own”.


He also appeared in television. He did 1 hour episode named “Steven Spielberg’s Amazing stories. In 2014 he performed in “Draft Day”.


He also appeared in commercials. In 1983 he appeared in Table for five and Apple Lisa commercials.


He also proved him as brilliant singer. He sung for the band “Country rock”. The album “Untold Trust” was released in 2008. He did many tours as a singer. He did many other albums.

Business man

Kevin is also very successful business man. He owned casino business. He in 1995 he started company of oil. He owned many oil machines to separate oil. He also took food business also.

Marital status

He married to his class fellow “Cindy Silva” in 1975 because concluded his graduation. The couple has 3 kids. After 16 of happy married life, couple separated in 1994. He had a model girl friend named “Elle” but he didn’t marry to it. He again married in 2004 with is long time girl friend Christine.

Political life

Kevin actively participated in political parties since 1992. He financially supported to political parties but never will to run any political party for his own. He at the end of 2008 election he supported Obama. He encouraged youth to come out and for their favorite party.


Best entertainer Kevin achieve many award in his career he won 7 Academy awards. Emmy Award and also Golden Award as best actor

Kevin Costner is 61 years old, still working to satisfy his lust of acting. He at the beginning of his career did not get from his career but gradually and steadily achieved the goal and became a successful actor. Along acting he directed films, sung many songs, worked in albums. He is many awards winner actor. He won Emmy, Golden and Academic in his career. He also supported political parties but never think to run any party. He at the time proved himself as best actor, director, singer and political activist.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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