Simon Macauley is ex husband of Fashion diva and actress Kristian Alfonso. They got separated in 1991 after living together for 4 years. They have a son called Gino Williams and he lives with his mother. Kristian takes care of their Son Gino and Jack with her Stepson. However, the two are still getting clashes when it comes on how their children should grow.

In one interview Kristian said that her family is her first priority. She is now married to Danny Daggenhurst and she is happy. When it comes to Simon Macauley, he gives important time towards his children and he gives them anything they need. Simon says that his children are also his life and he cannot live too far from them. Regardless of the conflicts that made him to separate from his ex wife, he does not want the children to feel absence of any of their parents. He makes visits to see the children and he provides everything they need for their life. Simon and Kristian gives more attention to the interest of the children.

Gino says that he is happy with what his father is doing and he is his idol. He wishes to live and to be like his father. He says that he is not worried about the future since his father is with him to guide him at each step. Simon Macauley became depressed because of the second marriage of his ex-wife but still, their children are happy. Some sources say that he is still in love with Kristian and he is yet to get involved into another relationship yet. More information about his biography is not available.

Kristian Alfonso was born in the year 1963 and she is 5 feet with 4 inches. She is an actress, a former model and was a figure skater. While young, she got a gold medal in Junior Olympics in figure skating. However, she was injured by an accident at 13 years and she was not able to continue in this career and started to model. She appeared in over 30 magazines.

She started to act during the year 1981 and she became famous when she acted in Days of Our Lives, an NBC dramatic serial. She was playing in the role of Hope Williams and during the show; her character got married to Bo Brady played by Peter Reckell after falling in love. She left the show in the year 1987 because of Falcon Crest show where she had a two year stint.

She was playing Pilar Ortega in its last two seasons. She returned to Days of Our lives in 1990 and in 1994 when she played as Gina. She starred also in Joshua Tree film with Dolph Lundgren. She created a Jewelry line and called it Hope Faith Miracles. She was on QVC and has a jewelry website where all her designs are featured. Her net worth is 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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