Sheldon Bream is known as the husband of beauty icon and famous Fox News journalist, Shannon Bream.

Living With a Successful Wife

There are not that many people who are both prosperous in their personal as well as their professional life. Sheldon’s wife, Shannon is an amazing and perfect mixture of beauty with brains. It’s no wonder why Sheldon wanted to make her his wife. She is always able to keep him on his toes because she is so clever and eager to mess around with him. Her adorable, charming and good looking personality made her one of the top 40 good looking journalists. 

Shannon and Sheldon met for the first time at Florida State University. They both graduated from the same institute. They couldn’t stop seeing each other even after leaving college because they had developed a strong bond. They are living a happy luxurious life in Washington DC. Both make a very happy couple and their friends say they will never get divorced because of how much they love each other.

Beautiful Wife’s Background

Sheldon’s wife, Shannon is a famous American TV personality that was born on December 30, 1970.

Shannon Bream says that the very first job she did was to scrap the paint off window panes. It was a rough job, especially for a pretty young girl. She got the job because her mom used to renovate houses. Her mom felt it would be wise to give her daughter some working experience as well as teaching her how to be independent. Even though it didn’t require that much labor, it was still something that she didn’t prefer to do. She didn’t like that had to inhale paint fumes while she worked. It wasn’t fun at all for her but she was able to draw many lessons from her first work experience. She learned that she sometimes would have to do things she didn’t enjoy in order to get a reward. It also taught her patience and persistence. It was such a valuable learning moment for her that she was pushed to succeed so she would never have to work a job like paint scraping again.

Shannon graduated from North Florida Christian High School at the age of 17. She was able to graduate earlier than most of her classmates because she had a strong drive to succeed in school. In 1992, she graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia with a Business Degree.

In 1993. she attended the School of Law at Florida State University. She also worked with Bill McCollum, a congressman from Florida and a member of US House of Representatives. McCollum later became Florida Attorney General. She was able to learn a lot when she worked for the congressman. She was already interested in politics but being exposed to the real inner workings of the area was a great experience for her.


Beauty Queen Wife

During her scholar and younger years, Sheldon’s wife, Shannon took part in many beauty pageants. She is one of the few females who contested on behalf of different states. It is unknown if Shannon’s parents moved her from different states so that she could compete more than once or if it was just coincidence that she represented many states. It makes more sense that she represented different states because of her parents moving because she was beautiful enough to get into the pageants without any cheating or foul play.

When she was attending her university, she competed for Miss Virginia and won the title. She was also in the top ten finalists for Miss America, which she was a contestant in. Even though she did win the big prize of Miss America, she was happy that all her years of pageant competitions finally earned her a top 10 spot on the national stage. She wouldn’t give up on her ultimate dream of being the number one queen though. In 1995. Shannon also won Miss Florida. She had moved to Florida and was excited to take part in the Miss Florida beauty pageant. She was beyond excited to win the the contest.

That same year, she also competed in the Miss USA Pageant and ended up in the top four finalists. Once again, she did not win the top spot but she was happy with her improvement. In the previous completion, she had placed 10th so moving 6 spots up to 4th place was a big accomplishment for her.

The Journalist Wife

Sheldon’s wife, Shannon had to pass through so many challenges in her journalism career. For a little while she practiced law and generally took harassment cases but she lost her interest in law because it became too much of a routine job for her. She hated sitting at the desk and doing hours of research. It was really stressful on her and she started to lose a lot of sleep. She didn’t want to spend the rest of her life going to court. Even though she got her education in law, she felt that she needed a change to be happy.

She took a risk when she accepted an entry level job at an ABC News Affiliate WFTS-TV. She mainly wrote scripts for the news program. In North Carolina, she also worked as an evening news reporter with WBTV, a CBS station. It was her meeting with Brit Hume, the Managing Editor of Fox News that paved the way for her entry into working with Fox News. On November 2007, Shannon officially joined the Fox News Channel.

She works as the Supreme Court Reporter for Fox News. She also anchors the famous program on Fox News, America’s News Headquarters. The show airs for two hours on television. Occasionally she also acts as a substitute anchor for Report with Bret Bair on Fox News during Sundays.

The net worth of Shannon has earned from career is estimated to be around $3 million. Although Sheldon is not nearly as famous as his wife, he is glad that he can benefit from the large amount of income that she brings into their home.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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