John P Coale, often known as Bhopal Coale is a lawyers and husband of famous TV Anchor Greta Van Susteren. Greta is the famous American Commentator and host for the Fox News Channel. Her famous show is On the Record/ with Greta Van Susteren. John P Coale was a key negotiator between federal government and the Cigarette companies. This was for a famous $360 million settlement which liberated tobacco companies from the liability of death caused due to cigarettes.

John P Coale is famous because of his believes and efforts for betterment of society. Coale is an owner of very charming personality, he has a height of 5’9. More measured approach towards things and phenomena and the deliberate style in speaking is what distinguishes him the most.

Bhopal Coale

John P Coale is called as Bhopal Coale too. The reason is that he sued Union Carbide Corporation. His action was related to the Bhopal Gas Leakage that happened in the year 1984. Poisonous methane gas was released that caused tragic death of over 2000 individuals. Apart from this Coale has remained involved in many other such activities and provided solicitation for poor and under privileged classes of the society. His bio related to career is more filed with social causes than his successful cases.

Husband of a Powerful Lady

In the year 2015 Forbes magazine rated the Greta as the 99th most powerful lady. She ranked up to 92 in 2016. Along with being a famous anchor, Greta is also the famous defense lawyer. She became prominent due to her commentary on double murder trial of O.J Simpson. She presented this commentary on Channel News Network. Recently she is much active for dissecting the presidential sex scandals. She is much inquisitive host with a rough and tough personality. Apart from her knowledge, skills and abilities to present, Greta has an adorable beautiful and charming personality. Greta also co hosted the CNN’s shows On the Point and Burden of Proof.

John and Greta

John P Coale and Greta together make a very happy and attractive couple. There is no news that they have any children. The couple got married in the year 1988. There is no other trouble in their lives but only one. In 2012 it was found that Coale was suffering from cancer, since the diagnosis of disease, Coale has been making tough efforts to combat the disease. Coale had to undergo so many surgeries. It is because of their commitment to each other that they have succeeded in fighting the odds.

The couple is very famous for following the religion of scientology. They maintain very close relation with church of scientology but hardly expose this relation. Still, their affiliation is strong enough to be self revealing. It is often said that bond of John and Greta’s marriage is not strong enough as it is the third marriage of John with Greta. Coale also has a son from one of her previous marriages. It has not affected the relation of Greta and Coale in any way, this rules out any chance of divorce. There is no revelation about Net worth of Coale but Greta has net worth of almost $35 million.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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