Jessica Wesson is known as an American actress. She is most famous for her role as Brad’s first girlfriend on the network hit comedy sitcom, Home Improvement.


Jessica Wesson was born on January 1, 1982 in the United States of America. Jessica Wesson’s zodiac sign is Capricorn. She is of white ethnicity. Being born on the first day of the year was a great sign for Jessica’s parents. They knew that their daughter was destined for success because she was born on a special day. There was no better way for them to start out 1982 than start it with the birth of their baby girl.

She was encouraged by her parents to choose acting as a full time career. She was quite inclined towards acting at a very young age. Wesson is blessed with a good height for an actress, but the exact measurements are unavailable. She is a very pretty woman and was often cast as the pretty girl in her film and TV roles.


Jessica Wesson is a terrific actress who has been famous for many of her roles in film and television. Her debuting role as an actress was for the family friendly comedy sitcom hit, Home Improvement in 1992. Her claim to fame was the role of Jennifer Sudarsky. The character of Jennifer was Zachery Ty Bryan’s first girlfriend in Home Improvement. Her character did well with fans and she was invited back many times to play the same role in the popular sitcom.

She also acted in Milk Money in the year 1994, where she appeared as Stacey. Milk Money was a little known film starring Melanie Griffith. In the film, a group of young boys want to get rid of their virginity so they look into hiring a prostitute. Even though the subject matter could possibly be seen as very mature, it was a light hearted film that was a coming of age story for young boys. Even though Jessica wasn’t a part of the main cast, she was happy to gain experience on a big film production.

In 1995, she had a supporting role in the family friendly film called Casper. The film was about a friendly ghost that helped a young girl fight off evil spirits that were bothering her family. The story was based on a classic cartoon and comic book series. In the mid 90s, the producers of the film felt it was a good time to bring the character on screen because they had enough computer graphic effects to make the movie interesting.

She got to work with Christina Ricci in the movie Casper when she played the role of Amber. This was just at the time when Ricci’s career was on the rise. She played Wednesday Adams a few years prior but she was on pace to become a star. Casper was the launching pad for her career and Jessica was happy to help Ricci reach her goals. As a supporting actress, she has always been willing to step aside so that the lead star could shine.

In 1996, Jessica got a role in another fan favorite film called Flipper. She portrayed the role of Kim in the film, Flipper. The movie was based on a classic TV show that featured the friendly relationship between humans and dolphins. Jessica was happy to just be on set because she got to interact with the friendly dolphins.


One of the most famous TV shows she has been a part of is Longshot (Jack Of All Trades). In the year 2001, she played Kelly Montgomery. She had a guest starring appearance in this great TV show. She also appeared in TV series Boy Meets World from 1991 to 1995 and also 1999 – 2000 as Wendy. In 2000, she was seen in Odd Man Out as Riley. Wesson also guest starred in the television series Baywatch and in 2001, she played the recurring role of Katie Albright on Judging Amy.

Personal Life

The internet and public sources do not contain much personal information about her. She is not interested in uploading her pictures and information in social networking sites. Jessica is not that popular in the modern times and she not active on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She is not that much connected to her fans and loved ones because she lives a very private life.

Jessica has earned fame and success in her early career. Since she was on the poplar Home Improvement sitcom, it can be estimated that she must have a tremendous net worth. However, there are no public sources that can confirm her actual net worth or any details about her current finances. It is speculated that her hard work and passion must have made her earn a lot.

Even after great fame on television, she has managed to keep her personal life secret. Her low profile lifestyle has not provided any information regarding her being married and anything about a possible husband. She has not been romantically involved, and there is no news of her boyfriends. It is unknown if she married, because no past news of a divorce has surfaced the web.

Her work made her earn not only fame but she also earned many accolades. In the year 1993, she got nominated in the category of Young Artist Award for Home Improvement. Also for the movie Flipper, she was nominated in the same category again as she was with Home Improvement.

Jessica retired from her acting career after 2001. It is unknown what she decided to pursue after her career was over. She has not posted an update about her life in any media sources. There are no interviews available that would describe her current state. She also avoids social media so her fans are not able to find anything about her. It is speculated that she made enough money from acting to live a private life away from the attention of the media. She seems to be happy to be left alone.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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