Ryan Kinney is not a well known person but he is a brother to Taylor Kinney who is a well known model and actor. Ryan may not be into the entertainment world but he is a person of concern when it comes to the life of Taylor Kinney.

From his biography, Ryan Kinney was born in 1991 under the name of Sean Ryan Kinney. His parents are Daniel Kinney who was as a banker and of Pamela Heisler who works like a dental hygienist. He was born in the city of Lancaster in Pennsylvania. He was born in the family of four children. His other siblings are Trent, Adam and Taylor. Adam and Taylor are older to him while Trent was born the last in the family. The parents got a divorce when the children were still young and the mother took the children and went to live in the city of Neffsville in Lancaster. They were raised by their mother like a single parent. It was hard for the mother to raise them all like a single mother.

Ryan Kinney was attending a local school and he was about to graduate from the high school but he died suddenly and he left the family, classmates, friends and family to mourn him. Ryan Kinney died in 2008 at the age of 17. His family grieved because of his death especially to have to die so young without having to live his own dream. Why he died too young has not been recorded in the media and there is a website that was created in his memory.

His brother Taylor Kinney is well known and he is famous. He is a model and American actor well known for the role he has in The Vampire Diaries as Mason Lockwood. He was also the famous boyfriend of Song writer and singer Lady Gaga. These two were engaged to get married in the year 2015 but they ended up calling off the engagement. Taylor was born in 1981, in the city of Pennsylvania.

While growing up, he went to Local Lancaster Mennonite School and he was a quiet and shy child. He was not that active in many other activities and he was in their theater group where she was playing in one role on the other. He was a bright and good student in the class and he had confidence but at the same time choose to be isolated from other students. After finishing with his high school, he went to West Virginia University and this is where he did Business management.

However, after two years, he decided to stop the college and went to live in Hawaii where he worked and lived like a carpenter. He is a Christian. Adam Kinney, is married, his wedding made up the news because Lady Gaga attended it. It took place in Malibu at Adamson. Taylor Kinney’s net worth is 2 million dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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