Roy Underhill was born in the year 1950 and he was raised in the city of Washington DC. He was the first master housewright of Colonial Williamsburg reconstruction. From 1979, he had been a host of PBS series called The Woodwright’s Shop. In the year 2011, the show became longest running PBS about how –to show. He was introduced into the traditional woodworking by his sister who was the worker of Smithsonian Institution. He went to University of North Carolina based in Chapel Hill and got a degree in the theater.

According to his biography in the year 1970s, together with his wife, they moved to go to live in Colorado and from the Homestead Arts where he wanted to pursue the career in the acting. When he did not succeed, then they moved again to life in a remote area in New Mexico and this is where traditional woodworking became one way to survive. Towards the end of 1970s, he moved back and went to live in North Carolina and attended a multi disciplinary course at Duke University. The course included history, forestry and Engineering.

He was given the master of Forestry in the year 1977. When his daughter was born, he approached the UNC Center for Public Television and he wanted to do a show about traditional woodworking. It has been rejected at first but it was accepted in the year 1979. The first filming started in The Woodwright’s Ship at the West Point on The Eno based in Durham in N.C. He took up the jog like a master housewright and then became a director for interpretive development of Colonial Williamsburg based in Virginia.

Roy Underhill is also a communication consultant and he has authored many books, and they include The Woodwright’s Eclectic Workshop and then Woodwright’shop: a Practical Guide to Traditional Woodcraft. He started to teach traditional woodworking in the classroom environment in what it is called The Woodwright’s School. In January 2014, the classroom is in Pittsboro in North Carolina. Roy Underhill has a native ancestry and his parents raised him in the city of Washington DC. He has a sister and a brother called Thomas Underhill as siblings.

Roy Underhill has maintained a stardom and celebrity level. He is a married man but the name of his wife is not disclosed yet. There is no rumor about having extra marital affairs. Roy Underhill has two daughters, Eleanor Underhill and Rachel Underhill. They are living together as a family in Washington DC. He is seen in many other events and he had been featured in many magazines.

Roy Underhill is active in the social media and he talks about his work in them. To maintain his body, he exercises and takes a balanced diet. He is held in a higher regard with hand tool aficionados and some refer to him as St Roy. There is no record on his net worth.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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