Ron Livingston was born in the year 1967 and he is an actor of American nationality. He had the first roles when he was Peter Gibbons in the Office Space and was Capt Lewis Nixon when he was in Band of Brothers and was noted to be two best-known works.

From his biography, Ron Livingston was born in the city of Cedar Rapids of Iowa. His parents are Linda and Kurt Livingston. His mother is a Lutheran pastor while his father is an electronics and aerospace engineer. He has a younger brother called John and he is an actor and a sister called Jennifer Livingston and his brother in law Mike Thompson, the two are also news personality of WKBT of Lacrosse Wisconsin.

He finished at Marion High School in the Marion, Iowa and he went to Yale University. This is where he received the B.A degree of Theater and in English. He had the first acting experience when he was in Theater Cedar Rapids and afterwards, he was then introduced to the school job of shadowing. He relocated to live in Chicago where he wanted to get involved into local theater scene even more.

The first role he had in the films was in the year 1992 in the Straight Talk of Dolly Parton. He then moved to leave in Los Angeles and he became a cast of Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade and then in The Low Life. During this time he was in the supporting roles. He landed his first major role in the film Swingers of 1996. He was a male lead called Peter Gibbons Office Space that became a comedy cult classic and it was starring Jennifer Aniston it was directed after being written by Mike Judge.

He was in the Band of Brothers HBO miniseries and he was Captain Lewis Nixon while playing opposite of Damian Lewis and Donnie Wahleberg. After playing as a nice guy, Ron Livingston played like a Hollywood agent in the Adaptation movie and was Ivy League Upstart for Alec Baldwin who was a casino Boss in the Movie, The cooler. He was a teacher in both Pretty Persuasion and Winter Solstice. He was in the Sex and the City where he was a short-term boyfriend of Carrie. He appeared on Off-Broadway in the In A Dark Dark House stage appearance.

Ron Livingston is married and his wife is Rosemarie Dewitt. The wedding took place in 2009 after dating for around 3 years but before, Ron was engaged to Lisa Sheridan who is also an actress. During the year 2013, Livingston and his wife Rosemarie said that they are going to adopt children. They adopted Gracie James Livingston born in 2013 and Esperanza Mae Livingston who they said they adopted before. His salary is not disclosed while his net worth is 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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