Robert Stanley “Rob” Dyrdek, born the 28th June 2976 in Kettering, Ohio (USA), is simply one of the best skateboarders in history. In fact, FoxWeekly named him as one of the “Most influential skateboarders of all-time” on 2014.

Recently, Rob Dyrdek is trying to legalize street skateboarding sports for 10-million street skateboarders across the country. To accomplish his goal he created the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, which seeks to build skate plazas and parks in the US and possibly beyond. The foundation created its first square on 2005, a 4,000 feet first-of-its-kind space for street skateboarding in Ohio.

He began skating when he was 12 years old and became the youngest member of the popular Gordon & Smith skateboard team at age 13. He turned professional at 16 years old when he joined the Alien Workshop.

He is most known for his MTV reality series Rob & Big (2006 – 2008) which his starred along with his bodyguard Christopher “Big Black” Boykin and his cousin Chris “Drama” Pfaff. He left the show on 2008 and returned to an even more popular series on 2009 called Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

Fans can follow Rob on Twitter or Instagram through @robdyrdek. He has over 3.7m followers on Instagram, where he shares pictures of his life and his family, as well of videos of his stunts. Dyrdek has a net worth of $50 million.

The Alien Workshop (AWS)

Dyrdek acquired sponsorship at 12 years old, but he quitted the sponsors and joined AWS a few years later. The Workshop is Dyrdek’s current skateboard deck sponsor. It is a company that he owns and uses to impulse his own career.

The athlete pursued his goals with such persistence that he even forgo his senior year of high school to move to Southern California and create and join the American skateboarding company.

Skateboarders Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill created the AWS on 1990. The company produces skateboard wheels, decks, apparel, and other accessories for the sport. They chose Rob Dyrdek as their main team rider on 2012, and Dyrdek became the owner of the company on 2014.

Professional career

Dyrdek has won twenty-one different Guinness World Records for skateboarding as part of his old show Rob & Big, while the Fantasy Factory series crowned Dyrdek as the owner of the longest skateboard in the world.

His personal best stunts include: farthest reverse ramp jump over a car (89 feet 3.25 inches or 27.21m); highest skateboard ramp jump into water (10 feet 8 inches or 3.29m); longest 50-50 rail grind (100 feet 5.75 inches or 30.62m) and longest board slide (100 feet 5.75 inches or 30.62m)

Dyrdek is also a somehow accomplished entrepreneur. His properties include Wild Grinders (a Nickelodeon animated series), a deceased hip hop record label and a skate shop. Furthermore, he is the creator of a professional skateboarding contest called Street League Skateboarding.

Film, television and other appearances

2009’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory feature Dyrdek, Pfaff, and Dyrdek’s Enterprise staff. The Fantasy Factory is a warehouse the skateboarder runs many of his entrepreneurial ventures. Other sets of the show are an indoor skate plaza, a foam pit, basketball courts, and Dyrdek’s office. More so, there is a music studio Dyrdek build for his cousin inside the warehouse. MTV’s show had a run of seven seasons and aired its finale on 2015.

Dyrdek is also a character on the games Skate and Skate 2 from Electronic Arts. In Skate 2, players can actually buy an early version of the Fantasy Factory on the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace. He even made a movie titled Street Dreams in 2009 and continued his career as an actor in MTV’s Ridiculousness, a 2011 show where he comments extreme sports videos on the internet.


Rob Dyrdek married her long-term girlfriend Bryanna Noelle Flores on 2015, and she is very happy to be her wife. They had their first child together on 2016, and his name is Kodah Dash Dyrdek. Rob’s parents are named Gene and Patty Dyrdek, a divorced couple.

Last Modified: Aug 16, 2021

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