River Monsters

River Monsters started its journey in the year 2009 on April 5th. It was an English documentary programme, which has its origin in the United States. The programme was produced by Andie Clare, Laura Marshall, Harry Marshall, Lisa Bosak Lucas, Luke Wiles and Doug MacKay Hope. There were three production houses which were directly linked to the programme which were Icon Films, ITV Studios and Discovery Channel. Its sole distributor was ITV Studios Global Entertainment. The running time of the show was originally 40 minutes but later, it was extended to 50 minutes. Sometimes, the timing of the show was extended if there were any finale episodes. Altogether, the show had nine seasons, where there were 102 episodes.

From the initial stage, the show gained a lot of popularity. Soon, it became one of the popular television shows on Animal Planet. It came to be known as one of the most popular series on the Discovery Channel. These shows are directly premiered in the ITV channel on Sundays. Even the missing scenes are telecasted on the ITV channels in United Kingdom.

In this show, worldwide information is provided and the bloggers, hosts and adventurers are explorers. In the first few episodes, the show took its viewers to Scotland, Canada, Argentina, Congo, Mongolia and Uganda. These were many adventurous parts in the show when there was a search regarding Catfish, Bull Shark, Alligator Gar and many others.

Jeremy Wale, a biologist and extreme angler, hosts the show and travels across the world looking for fearsome freshwater killers as well as searching for stories, eyewitnesses and clues of individuals dragged underwater by some of the vicious predators. In addition to that, Jeremy fearlessly catches specimens, and after learning a thing about them, releases them into the wild. His intention is to prevent the extinction of the rare creatures as well as bringing an enlightenment of the reasons for the horrific attacks posed to humans.  

Aside from that, the adventurer explores lakes and rivers in an attempt to unveil the widely spread harrowing tales of various rare creatures including monster fish. As a result of the shows insightful episodes and global navigation, it has taken its worldwide viewers to numerous states including Guyana, Canada, Mongolia, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, Italy, Ethiopia, Scotland, Brazil, Iceland, Suriname, Norway, Russia, Norway, among others. The American states that River Monsters has toured include Vermont, Alaska, Oregon, Florida, Texas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The show discusses the conservation status, feeding habits and behaviours of creatures such as bull shark, piranha, piraiba, goonch catfish, arapaima, wels catfish and alligator. These creatures are supposedly deadly not to mention shrouded with mystery. The second season took viewers to far-and-wide locations including River Congo. In one episode, Jeremy caught a giant freshwater stingray which was pregnant. Never before has Jeremy ever caught a bigger fish than this. The stingray gave birth while being examined by biologists in Wade’s presence.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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