Savannah Guthrie

From her biography, aside from being a chief legal correspondent, Savannah Guthrie works at NBC News as a co-anchor of the TODAY show. Unlike most celebrities, Savannah allowed her fans to explore a lot about her personal life. In other words, Guthrie answered questions raised by her viewers in a video. More of Savannah’s personal life can be followed closely on either her Instagram or Twitter handles.         

Personal Life

Savannah, born as Savannah Clark Guthrie, came into the world on 27th December 1971. After living for 2 years in Melbourne after her birth, Savannah’s parents relocated to Tuscon, Arizona where she was raised up together with her two siblings. As a child, Savannah was fond of playing musical instruments, particularly the piano. However, at other times, she was in the court playing tennis. At age of 16, Guthrie was forced to live with his mother alone following her father’s death. In such hard moments, Savannah’s mother proved a great source of motivation for her three children.

In 2005, Savannah was working on a child molestation story that revolved around Michael Jackson. During this time, Savannah crossed paths with Mark Orchard, a journalist at BBC. Later that year, Savannah and Mark got married. Unfortunately, the marriage between Savannah and her husband ended up in a heart-breaking divorce.

Years after the divorce, Savannah was reportedly in an engagement with Mike Feldman, a media consultant. Feldman is quite the romantic type since it is said that at the time Feldman proposed, the lovers were on a vacation. Savannah’s and Feldman’s marriage saw the birth of baby Vale Guthrie, in 2014.

Two years after Vale’s birth, Savannah was pregnant again, but this time with a son. As a result, she refrained from covering the Summer Olympics held in Rio. During this time, Rio was reportedly marked by an outbreak of the Zika virus and Savannah could not risk any chances of birth defects associated with the virus. Savannah and Feldman named their son Charles Max.

Career Life

Over the years, Savannah Guthrie has been associated with high profile coverage and special reporting including the presidential election coverage in 2016. Aside from that, Savannah provided profound thoughts on the Democratic National Convention as well s the Republican National Convention. Her thoughtful analysis during the 2016 politics coverage saw MSNBC and NBC News win the heart of multitudes with respect to the audience viewing these channels.

In addition to political coverage, Savannah has as well anchored major developing stories such as the bombing that occurred during the Boston Marathon. The other top events that Savannah has anchored include the Moore tornado, the Paris shooting, the attacks in Brussels, among others. Despite neglecting the Summer Olympics held in Rio for health reasons, Savannah has anchored the Summer Olympics in London as well as the Winter Olympics in Sochi.  

Apart from $2 million net worth and huge salary, Savannah’s career has brought her great honors. Savannah has received various Emmy awards including the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Morning Show in 2012.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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