Rehab Addict” was released on October 14, 2010. The TV show located in Detroit and started to air on channel DIY. Since the January of the 2014, which was the beginning of the 4th season, it relocated to another channel – HGTV. The show was moved to the prime time schedule. For that moment there is a full seven seasons, which consist 83 episodes. AS for the production details, each episode has a running time of the 22 minutes.

The show is directed by Nicole Curtis, who actually is the show host. She was born on August 20, 1976 and spent all of her life there in Michigan. Nicole was raised in Lake Orion, Michigan. She studied at the Lake Orion High School and graduated in the 1994. Afterwards, she studied few colleges in Georgia, Florida and Michigan. During her education she got her first kid Ethan. She was a single mother until met her second husband. In the 2015 she became a mother for a second baby.

After her College she moved to Detroit and for a long time she had a dream to change this city piece by piece. Her career on television started in the early 2000s. She got her breakthrough time with her popular show on the 2010. Being the show host she did an interesting thing and renovated her own house on September 2014, so now she lives in a 1904 home in Detroit. Nicole was interested in studying law in college, but she changed her mind later and switched to architect education.

The point of the show is to save and restore an existing architecture over demolition when it feasible. Nicole and "Rehab Addict" has rehabbed homes in such places like Saint Paul, Minnesota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Detroit, Michigan; and even Akron, Ohio. The show work mainly centers around pre-World War II houses. The show has it’s own renovation philosophy, which is to restore very old houses to their former glory, and not a modernization with a new futuristic styles of interior design. During the seven seasons, Nicole worked along with famous celebrities like NBA star LeBron James and many others.

Nicole and her film crew team look for a very old house that time has not spared. With the help of talented designers and artists Nicole turns Rented for demolition into a cozy family center. The work objects of Nicole and TV shows were building such as The Ransom Gillis House and Fremont House. Nicole believes that her TV program will help to many people it will inspire them and awake their creativity. As she said "We can't give to the architecture of the last century to sink into oblivion".

The show is very popular on the east coast and has a thousand of viewers. The information about this television show is available in the social sites like Twitter, Facebook s well as HGTV official site. The net worth of the show is unknown yet. The net worth of Nicole Curtis is about 5 million dollars.

Last Modified: Nov 9, 2020

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