Rex was born on 5 October 1967. He was born in Kentucky in United States of America. Name of his father is Wayne Chapman and it is known that his childhood was spend in Kentucky itself. He also has one sibling whose name is Jenny Chapman. He completed his schooling from Apollo school in Kentucky and he later enrolled himself in University of Kentucky.

It is known that Rex started playing at a very early age and he was one of the best players in the school team. While looking for college, he got an admission letter from a lot of universities but since he wanted to live with his parents, he decided to opt of University of Kentucky. Soon after joining the college, he started playing for the college team as well. He led his team to several victories during his tenure at the college. During his graduation, he scored a total of 1073 points.

Because of his growing popularity, he got a chance to play for Charlotte Hornets. Rex also played in all-star dunk competition hosted by NBA but he couldn’t win the first place. He started playing for Charlotte Hornets but later in 1991, he was traded to Washington Bullets. During one of the match, he got injured but he ignored the injury to play the final game. This turned out to be a huge mistake on Rex’s part as the injury later took a lot of time to heal completely and it did cause him a lot of trouble in later stages of his career.

While playing with the team, he ended up on hospital bed again because of an injury and it was at that time when he was traded to Miami Heat. While playing for the team, he led team to several victories but during his tenure with Miami Heat, he again got injured. Later he signed a contract with Phoenix Suns. Unfortunately during his career with phoenix Suns, he again received an injury which made his career suffer a lot. He later announced his retirement as a player. Even after retiring, he kept on working with the team and he worked as the Director for the Basketball Operations. It is known that he also worked as a commentator for TNT. In later stages of his career, Rex was chosen as Vice President of Denver Nuggets.

It is known that later in his life, Rex got married to Bridget Chapman and he had 4 children his wife. 3 of them were his daughters and one was his son. It is known that he later filed a divorce because of the differences between him and his wife. It is known that he faced a lot of racism in his life and he was quite a rebel because of this. The net worth of this basketball player is estimated to be 22 Million American dollars but there is no information about his annual salary. He surely had a very successful career.

Last Modified: Nov 10, 2020

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