Lisa Kernel

Lisa Kernel is a very popular anchor from the United States. She is a renowned sportscaster from America and works for the ESPN channel.

Personal life

Kernel was born in the year 1981 on July 8 in the Kansas City. She was the only child of her parents and was brought up with great care. She spent her education years in Kansas. She was very bright as a student from her childhood years. She was very in studies as well as in cultural activities and used to host many events, which took place in her school. She was quite famous from her school days due to her great talent, as an anchor.

Her talents as an anchor fetched her great opportunities and paved the path from where she got the opportunity to participate in many events as a speaker or an anchor. After completing her education there, she took her admission in the Lynn University, in Florida. She also had great interest in sports and also served as a captain in the basketball team. She has also achieved a bachelor's degree in communications subject with her focus and hard work. After establishing herself as an anchor of the ESPN channel where she is presently working, she got married to her husband Patrick Kernel who also belongs from a sports background and is a defensive player in the National Football League team. During the year 2010, she got married and now has four children with her husband.


Kernel started her career with the ESPN channel during the year 2014 where she is currently working. She is still working there as a co-anchor and as a sports-caster. Her great interest in sports fetched her many opportunities to built her career. Before getting the chance to join the ESPN, she also worked as a sports anchor in the WBCS- TV in 2012. She also had the experience of working with the MLB Network as a staff reporter. Her five years of experience with the KING- TV where she served as a sports anchor for the Northwest Sports Tonight weekend show. She had a lot of work experience due to which she got selected to the ESPN channel on the first interview in the year 2014.

Due her hard work and focus, she received frequent promotions in her career and also achieved much fame as a reporter and an anchor. Though she faced many hurdles in her path, nothing could stop him. She kept moving with her career despite all the problems with a constant focus till she finally achieved the desired success. As the witness of her success she has also received many awards. During the year 2005, she received her first award which is The Montana Standard award where she won the award on the choice of the people. After that, she also received the award for being the best television personality on KXLF- TV during the year 2004 and a second one, in the next year. She truly is an inspiration to many women!

Last Modified: Nov 10, 2020

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