Priya Narang

Priya Narang was born on September 2nd, 1968 in Westport, Connecticut, from a well-educated family even if her origins, as her name and family name clearly imply, are from India. Priya might have graduated from the University of Vermont (the info about her private life are few and not always confirmed), and she started her outstanding career as a media planner with Young and Rubicam. She then held senior agency positions for over ten years, where she run media for clients such as BMW’s media, Bacardi, Volkswagen, Sprint, and DeBeers with DeWitt Media. However, she always preferred to handle mostly responsibilities associated with media planning and management. She worked for five years as an associate publisher at Vogue, where she was instrumental in taking the brand multi-media through the development of television, digital, and sponsorship extensions. She said about this work that:

“Going from the agency side to the publishing side was a dramatic shift, but one that I felt I would offer an inside perspective”.

Before the work at Vogue, Priya Narang made her position on the market side. Then, she began showing her star cluster, and she became a part of the Arnold Communications team, which landed the $200 million VW account. She is actually working for Citibank National Association as a VP-Global Media, and she is one of the six-person Global Marketing team that runs all marketing and advertising worldwide for Citigroup. In the detail, she is responsible for managing all media for Citigroup’s North American and Latin American business. In recent times, she appeared in “Advertising Age” and “Crain’s New Businesses a Top 40 under 40 marketing executive”. She was also named one of “MIN’s 21 Most Intriguing people in Media”.

One of Priya’s most successful programs was Condé Nast’s high-profile “Fashion Rocks,” a program that Citibank has been sponsoring for the last four years. It includes 18 magazines and spans broadcast, live and online marketing campaigns. Citibank was also a sponsor of the “Gentleman’s Fund,” a philanthropic initiative which was part of the “GQ at 50, golden anniversary campaign last year.

“Being here has brought me experience across all the disciplines,” Priya said during one interview.

She pointed also to the many talented female colleagues and supervisors she has worked with along the way as the keys to her success.

“When I started, there was a glass ceiling; sort of a Mad Men mentality,” she recalled. “I had strong women role models who showed me that you can achieve a lot.”

Priya Narang gained popularity in the media after she got married to Josh Elliott, the famous American TV journalist who recently worked for CBS News. He has previously worked as the news anchor for ABC's show “Good Morning America”, as a sports anchor for NBC Sports in the TV program “The Today Show” (simply known as “Today”), and he has been also a co-anchor for the live telecast of ESPN's morning edition of “Sports Center”.


Priya Narang ended her relationship and got the divorce from Josh Elliott because of his sex addiction, and for his attitude with the other women, particularly with his ex-girlfriend, with which he kept having frequent contacts even after getting married to Priya. Priya reached her limits of tolerance when she caught Josh in an intimate position with an ESPN intern, and he had no other choice than admitting to Priya his sex addiction. Talking about this aspect of Josh, people say that he looks like a very “clean” character in front of the media, but many viewers would be completely shocked if only they could see him off-screen...

Priya has always been very reserved, she tried to keep a “low profile” with the media while, on the other hand, Josh’s personality has always been full of insecurities and a little narcissistic: he kept needing constant support from everyone around him, and always sought constant admiration about his personality and job.

Many people believe that the media has hyped too much the whole controversy, especially the voices about Josh’s sex addiction, and they think that it doesn’t really matter whatever his personal life looks like: he remains one of the best journalists around, and he’s solely accountable for the popularity and the success of the show “Good Morning America”.

The couple had a daughter together: her name is Sarine Elliott. However, due to Josh’s issues with women, Priya left him shortly after Sarine was born. When they divorced and they had to decide who should have taken care of Sarine, they didn’t have a fight on this subject, and Priya won the primary custody of her daughter, while the tribunal allowed Josh to spend with his daughter only a few hours every week. Anyway, when it comes to concerns about his daughter Sarine, it looks like he is a very caring father: whenever he gets a chance to spend time with his daughter, he always expresses his joy through sharing her beautiful pictures on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
The divorce between Priya and Josh was also done using formal methods, and the media was not involved: that’s exactly the type of divorce that Priya Narang certainly wanted!

Now she lives a happy life away from the media and from the public, and nothing is left to be known about her personal life, like if she got involved in a new relationship with someone else, while Josh Elliot has already appeared around with a new woman from ESPN.

Priya Narang keeps trying to stay outside of the limelight, and she’s been very successful in that, because, professional life apart, it’s really hard to find any personal info about her on the internet. She tries to protect her privacy all the time, and she even takes care of her daughter’s privacy, preventing the media from spreading any rumors about her and her daughter. After the divorce, she’s not been seen dating anyone else, and her whole world revolves around her professional life and, mostly, around her 4-year-old daughter Sarina.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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