Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is an American television journalist born on July 6, 1971 in Los Angeles, California, USA.  Josh was adopted by Toni Jordan and Charles Elliott. The couple later divorced. He grew up in California and graduated with a degree in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. While student he worked for the school newspaper. He then went on to Columbia University of Journalism to do his Masters.

Initially, Elliott was a TV producer for Galaxy Productions and 20th Century Fox. Currently, he works for NBC Sports. Prior to his present job, he was a news anchor with ABC’s Good Morning America. He also co-anchored for the live telecast of ESPN’s Sports Center with Hannah Storm or Sage Steele. Elliott filed reports for Sports Center, appeared on ESPNEWS program and filled in as a co-host on Cold Pizza and ESPN First Take. Early in his career he worked with Sports Illustrated. 

At his birth, he was given up for adoption by his biological mother Susan. When he was 12 years old, the couple who adopted him got divorced. His father, who said he was gay, died. Elliott faced the problem of divorce, since his childhood.

Regularly negative stories leaked out about him from the Good Morning America set. The media gossiped about him and Josh in a passive-aggressive way lashed out. His bosses were forced to act because of the alarming number of complaints from the AGM team. He was a popular anchor and they did not want lose him. He was described as the most high maintenance anchor who lashed out at writers. His infamous issues with women were numerous. He had serious issues with them including Lara Spencer and he is ashamed of it. Maybe his serious trust issues with women stem from his difficult childhood.

Elliott was married to Priya Narang and together they have a daughter Sarina. Narang had an outstanding advertising career with Young and Rubicam. It was a short lived marriage. Soon after their honeymoon she found out he was having sex outside his marital life. He admitted to his weakness for women, his sex addiction and his exploits with ESPN interns. There was no trust in their marriage, consequently he misbehaved. Eventually the inevitable happened. Fed up with his infidelities she opted for divorce. 

Elliott’s romantic relationships and affairs were numerous. He is linked to the stunning WABC-TV anchor Liz Cho since 2012. A local news channel reported the dating rumors of them spending time together. They were seen going to each other’s place. At that time Cho was married to Evan Gottlieb and they had a daughter together. Elliott and Cho have moved in together to an Upper West Side apartment. She is in the middle of a bitter divorce with her husband. It is said that Elliott is so impressed with her, their relationship has considerably improved and Elliott has stopped womanizing. Elliott has been called a diva and it is reported that he is upset at being called that. 

Elliott was also linked to Kelly Bensimon, a former star of the hit TV series Real Housewives of New York. They were spotted having dinner together.

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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