Steve Murphy

Steve Murphy is a studio and touring drummer and he is a vocalist at the same time. He worked in New York for more than 18 years. He was once Company of Wolves’ member under Mercury Records; they toured together under Northeast US. He worked with many people such as Phil Ramone, Steve Lukather, John Entwhistle, Sting, Celine Dion and Tom Schumann. He was also a performer at the well acclaimed and successful off-Broadway shows called Hedwig and The Angry Inch and also Love Janis. He toured with Siberian Orchestra US tours in 2000 and 2001 and the guitarist Andy Timmons in the 1999 European tour.

In 2002, he toured with A Walk Down Abbey Road and he was with Jack Bruce, Christopher Cross, Mark Farner, Todd Rundgren and Alan Parsons together with Godfrey Townsend. He played in other dates with Jack Bruce of The Cream of Jack Bruce and now he played with The Alan Parsons Live Project which started in 2007. If he is not touring, he is going to be on the road and he performs many times with Clapton is Godfrey of Godfrey Townsend, this is a tribute band to Eric Clapton.

Steve Murphy is a singer and his voice can be hard at many national TVs or radio commercials.  He endorses Vic Firth Sticks and Canopus Drums. His sessions can be booked at  Miami/ft Lauderdale place. A canopus kit is found at different areas and it is included into the project whenever it is requested.  The rates charged include engineering and Pro Tools project and audio files and project sessions. The rates vary and they may be arranged according to the block time or song basis.  His superior technique with the sound in the addition to the amazing ability means that he can pull most of the music style and he is a perfect choice for most people who want to have a tracking session.

Steve Murphy has many titles; he is a musician, recording artist, song writer and producer.  He was born to Helen with Dalmon Murphy and he is the youngest brother to Marsha and Stephane. He started his career when he was still 5 years old while he played drums at his church. Since he was a son of a pastor, he was not under any negative influences and he is able to find the purpose of his life. Musically inclined with the best sprit, he found that he loves music and that it keeps him grounded. As the time passes, he started also to produce.

He was built, mentored and shaped towards the music for both gospel and secular spheres. He founded the Murphy Production in order to advance his career further.  Over many years, his inspiration had helped him in producing many original rhythms such as Genesis, Clean Heart, Dimensions, Deliverance, State of emergency, Fear no Evil and Bruk Weh. He also played in Costa Rica and Jamaica. However, his personal life was not recorded which means that it is not clear if he is married or not. 

Last Modified: Mar 15, 2020

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