Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott was born in 1965 and he died in 2015. He was an American sportscaster and an anchor of ESPN. He was well known in SportsCenter before his death. He was known for the hip-hop style with how he used the catchphrases.  He was a regular of the network at the National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Football League (NFL).  He grew up at the North Carolina University and he graduated from the University of North Carolina in the Chapel Hill.  He worked with different local TV station before he started to work at ESPN. Even if there are already some sportscasters who were accomplished on the station, he is blending of the hip hop with the sports casting was special.

He was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 when he had the appendectomy and it was found out that he was already suffering cancer of the appendix.  He went in remission but he was also found out that he had cancer again in 2011 and 2013. He got ESPY awards for the fight he had against the cancer and this is shortly before the time he died at the age of 49 in 2015.

His first wife was Kimberly Scott and they got married from 1993 and their divorce was concluded in 2007. They had two daughters together Sydni and Taelor. After the divorce, they shared the custody of their daughters so they should stay with their father or mother at a certain period. When he was still married, his private life was kept extremely private. Before his death, his girlfriend was Kristin Spodobalski. There was a huge age gap in their relationship because she is 26 years old. However, the age difference was not a challenge for their relationship. He said that he got enough support from his girlfriend through his sickness.

Before, Stuart Scott suffered an eye injury when a football hit his face while playing in New York Jets from April 3, 2002 when he was filming the special of ESPN. This blow damaged the cornea. Even if he underwent the surgery, he continued to suffer ptosis and the drooping of an eyelid.

When Stuart Scott died in the morning of January 4, in 2015, ESPN said that he was a dedicated family man and he was the signature anchor at SportCenter. He died an inspiring death after a courageous battle against cancer.

With his salary of 2 million dollar per year, Stuart Scott was able to make a  net worth of over 15 million dollars. He started in the entertainment industry at University of North Carolina when he was still a student.  He graduated from this school with a Bachelor of Arts in the Speech Communications. After graduation, he worked like a reporter since 1988 to 1995 in North Carolina, South Carolina and in Florida.  He was the first host for the SportsNight program.  He interviewed many well known people in the sports and in politics like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. He also played in the movies or television shows such as The Longest Yard, Arli$$ and Mr.3000. 

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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