If you follow sports, then you surely know Anthony Paulis. He is very energetic and has fans all over America, and even around the world. Anthony Joseph Paulis commonly known as ‘Tony Reali’ and is an American sports personality. He is also a television host in Around the Horn on ESPN. It was later announced in April 2014 that Tony Reali will be hosting Good Morning America. Reali has been a ‘stat boy’ on Pardon the Interruption, from the time the show begun on ESPN in the year 2001. His net worth is two million dollars.

So long as relationships and love life is concerned, you should know that it was at an airport bathroom that he got proposed his girlfriend. During this time, he was carrying the ring in his shoes, safely in a box. He gave out the bag to the concerned hotel and the moment he returned to the hotel, he was in a state of shock since the bag had been misplaced. It was later traced to the airport, after investigation. Reali and his girlfriend headed to the bathroom to check on the ring, whether it was still safe. He opened the box and proposed to her, right there.

He believed that it was one the most romantic places on Earth. He even planned to narrate their engagement story to his daughter and son after they are born and had already named them as Fiorella and Fiorello La Guardia Reali respectively. Unfortunately, the next few days saw his apartment going ablaze, with the ring’s insurance papers being burned, as they were in the apartment. Everything in that apartment was burnt down. The following day, he managed to insure the ring and later in the course of the year, he married her.

This engagement story was unfolded a couple of years later after his marriage through his tweet, which was told in an scintillating manner. He has never mentioned anything about his wife or even his relationship, since he married her. He has married her recently and thus, the chance of an extra-marital affair is very low. Explanation of the ring story gained a lot of appreciation and a lot of fame too. He declared that cannot imagine a better and romantic place to propose than the airport bathroom. It seems like the couples are happily married and wish to remain happy, away from the glare of the media. This is the proof that he got his perfect mate and he is happy with her.

Any further information about the couple is kept behind the curtains. His wife says little about him. He also never mentions how they met and not even her name. Every other details including his parents, his childhood life or earlier dates are kept clandestine. There aren’t any incidents of his wife complaining or talking about her husband or their marital life, in a negative way. This proves that he is a good husband. The details about their wedding and their wedding pictures are not available either.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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