Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes, the famous 1973 born comedian and actress, is a Canadian. She is famous for her work with the famous show Royal Canadian Air Farce. She gained immense popularity after working on her own show, The Holmes Show in 2002. Holmes did her schooling from the Canterbury High School in Ottawa. She pursued her further studies by Ryerson University in Toronto.

She is married to actor Scott Yaphe. Scott, her husband, is also a Canadian actor and comedian. He is best-known for his amazing work in the movie in the show it’s Alive! Both of them have never married before nor had any divorce in the past. Scott, her boyfriend for a long time, is a Jewish. He is three years older to Jessica Holmes. Scott Yaphe lives in Toronto with his wife Jessica Holmes and two children. Her husband Scott is amazingly tall with a height of 6 feet 5 inches.

Both the children were born while she was shooting for the popular show - Air Farce. The names of their children are Alexa Lola and Jordan Harrison. In one of her interviews, Jessica believes that she could share her feelings about her changing body after the pregnancy. Scott has fallen in love with Jessica Holmes even more than when she was his girlfriend.

Jessica is not known to have any extra-marital affair with anyone. There are no rumors about marital problems or plans for separation. Scott is also not known to be cheating his wife. There are no details about their previous dating life and any notable ex-lovers. Neither of them were ever seen in public with other people which can raise any kind of suspicion. Though Jessica talks a lot about her personal life, it is usually about her kids and her life as a mother. She does not talk a lot about her relationship with Scott. Scott does not talk a lot about his personal life to the media.

Both of them are madly in love with each other and live a very fulfilling and happy married life. Jessica reiterates that being a mother has completely changed her. It has brought the softer side of her personality out to the world.

Jessica is very good at balancing her work and personal life. She can to stock up most of her energy for her performances and her kids. Her kids are her ultimate priority in her life. That means, in terms of life balance that she had to let go of some of her expectations in other areas, such as vacationing with girlfriends and evenings at comedy clubs. Her two kids and her career get most of her energy.

In 2002, Jessica and Scott got married and still leading a happy and successful married life. Jessica’s life completely revolves around the two kids and the family. She is also quite fond of her two black cats- momo and steeley. She is very fond of taking care of such things which usually people ignore in their daily lives. She is a genius to get such tasks done in a quick time. She is a complete homemaker and a working personality.

Last Modified: Apr 8, 2020

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