Peter was born on 12 August 1965. He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo and he was born in Minnesota in United States of America. The name of his parents is not known but it is known that his father worked as an English Teacher and his mother worked as a teacher as well. Peter’s childhood was spend in Roseville in Minnesota. It is also known that his parents had two more children apart from him and the name of his siblings are Amy and Michael.

Peter completed his bachelor from Gustavus Adolphus College and he later enrolled himself in New York University. He received his degree in Fine arts. Peter’s father passed away in 2012 and it was later reported that Peter’s mother was suffering from Breast Cancer

As per the information available, Peter started his career in TV industry in 1990s. The exact year is not known but it is known that he got his first role in Seinfeld. Later Peter also got a chance to work in Beverly Hills and 90201. Peter also worked in Ellen and in 1996 he got a role in Cybill. The show was really popular and did good business. In 1990, Peter started to work in Sports Night and the show didn’t perform really well which forced the show to close down.

Later in 2001, it was reported that Peter got an opportunity to work in Six Feet Under and he worked for that show for 5 years. He also got a chance to work in The Lost Room and in 2007, Peter was offered work in Dirty Sexy Money. The show because quite famous and got a lot of audience. He worked in the show for two years before he started working in Parenthood. In 2011, Peter got a role in Beastly and the movie was based on a novel. The movie turned out to be a super hit on box office and it made great collections. Later in 2015, Peter got a chance to work in The Catch.

Talking about his overall career, Peter worked in 10 films and over 19 TV shows. Peter was also honoured by Screen Actors Guild Award in 2003. In 2004, Peter received Prism Award and he again received Screen Actors Guild Awards

Peter was in relationship with Christine King. Together, the couple parented a boy but it was later reported that the couple broke up later. It was also reported in 2010 that Peter started dating Lauren Graham. They are live in partners and as per the information, Peter never got married in his life and apart from the one son he had with his first girlfriend, he didn’t have any other children. It is believed that Lauren will soon be Peter’s wife. Information about Peter’s annual salary is not available on public domain but it is know that his net worth is over 20 Million American Dollars. His net worth speaks of his success.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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