Paula Ebben is an award winning journalist who is known for her work at CBS.


Although Paula Ebben is a public figure because of her appearances on television, she has done a good job at keeping the intimate and private details about her life away from the public eye. There is very little information available about her such as the date and place of her birth. It is known that her parents raised her in Shrewsbury and that she had 10 siblings. There is no detailed information available about her parents.

The only information available about her education is that she completed her graduation from Boston College and she received a Bachelor’s Degree in English. She didn’t have a very comfortable childhood because of her 10 siblings. Having such a huge family was hard for her parents to manage. While one child was getting attention, many others were neglected. Paula found comfort when she made close friends at school. They gave her a mental break from her crazy family life.

As soon as Paula completed her college graduation, she didn’t start her career immediately. Instead, she took a break to dedicate her time and attention to her family. She was also a part of the Board of Trustees for Notre Dame Academy. The academy is located in the city of Worcester. She has always been very passionate about social work and wants to express her love for society and social causes. She volunteered for a program in Boston which was run through many schools and colleges. She is a firm believer in the idea that education is one of the best ways to develop the future minds of the country.

Journalism Career

Paula worked with the WGMC station. She got her start with the station in 2001. She worked with the channel for exactly 8 months before she decided to resign. The reason for the resignation was because of a new job offer. She had actually done very well at WGMC and there were no ill feelings when she told them that she would be leaving. They were happy for her and were not surprised that she got a better offer because of the excellent work she did for them. It was later revealed that she got an offer to work with New England Cable News and she was given a spot as news anchor.

She is currently working with WBZ–TV and CBS. CBS was a career milestone for her because of the network’s reach and prestige. Paula was always confident in herself but getting to work with CBS really put her on the map and confirmed that she was a legitimate journalist.

Giving Back to the Future Generation

Paula was asked to be the commencement speaker at the Roxbury Latin School. She was happy to share her wisdom with the graduating students, "I worked for a news director once who would tell new, young reporters: 'Don't just stand there and give me a list of facts, show me something I don't already know!' So what I've put together for you is what I think you don’t know, smart as you all are: Five experiences to seek out in college that have nothing to do with going to class.


Avoid safe spaces. If you exist in some little echo chamber only associating with people who agree with you all the time, you will learn nothing. Which leads to number two: There's a presidential election this fall. Whatever you think - throw yourself in to it. You'll remember this for the rest of your life. "You do you." This is your chance to reinvent yourself. It's a re-boot. Study what you want. Do some things just for the love of it. Attend to you inner life. Figure out for yourself how to seek the joy in being alive - when you are all alone. Take the time to do it now, and it will be invaluable to you forever. Make friends like it's your job. Every Roxbury Latin graduate I've ever met, to a man, says that his RL friends are still his best friends to this day. So you're already off to a great start. How lucky you are that you can always return to this place, where you are known and loved for the "real you." "So congratulations, men of Roxbury Latin. Class of 2016. We're so proud of you. We love you. Go show us something we don't already know."

The students were very appreciate that a national news anchor graced their college and gave them some parting words to help them as they entered the real world and the awaiting opportunities in the work force. Paula was excited that she could give back to those who needed her help.

Personal Life

While she was studying at Boston, she met the love of her life. After completing the graduation, Paula decided to get married to her husband Bill. One of the most amazing things about Paula and her husband is that they gave priority to the family instead of giving importance to career and money. This approach to life was evident when Paula took a break from her career and decided to start a family first after college.

Paula gave birth to four children with Bill. Out of the four children, two are girls and two are boys. The family lives together and Paula is admired for being a caring mother and a caring wife. It was only after starting a family that she decided to resume her career and achieve her goals.

The details of Paula’s annual salary is not available on any public record and there is no information about her net worth either but it is speculated that she has a really high net worth. The speculation is made on the basis of her success and fan following. She is quite active on social media and enjoys posting updates on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. She also uploads her pictures on Instagram and she has a huge number of followers on all of her social media feeds.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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