His biography starts with his popularity. There are 228 votes to him for his popularity. He earned around 270000 subscribers for the youtube which is self - titled by him. He has millions of fans of him. In the year 2015, he joined the world of social media. Previously, he was internet duo member. It was called as an exclamation point.

As far as his family information is concerned, he was having total six siblings. Videos relating to his musical reaction frequently post by him on the youtube channel. He keeps on uploading the videos on the youtube channel.

He is active on various apps and social networking sites such as snap chat, twitter, and Instagram. There is not much information available about his parents on the website. His birthday is on 13th of July 1995.

He is very much active on the social networking sites such as twitter. He joined twitter as on March 2009. He has uploaded around 1500 photos and videos on twitter. There are around 31 K tweets on twitter. 24 k followers are following him. He is having 375 K followers and 18 K likes. This shows how much famous he is on the social networking sites. He is also active on Instagram. He uploads lots of photos on Instagram as well.

As being a famous personality, he must be having an attractive net worth. His salary must be good. There is not much disclosure about his net worth. You can see all the latest photos of Paul Zimmer @paulzimmer19. There is not much disclosure about his personal information. As far as the information relating to his family members is concerned, you will not find much information on the wiki page.

But when the information relating to his fans, latest photos uploaded on the social networking sites and the latest videos uploaded on the youtube is concerned, you will get all the updated information about the same. This shows his popularity among the people. Thus, you need not have to gather information on the same.

When we talk about popularity, it comes to social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram, it comes to the youtube video and it comes to snap chat. In all these areas he is very famous among the people and that’s the reason why he is having his fans in thousands. You can get all the latest videos @paulzimmer19.

People love to see his latest videos on youtube. He keeps on uploading the updated videos. But this is not the case with his personal information. You will not find much personal information about him except the number of siblings he has. There is no information about his father, mother, sisters and brothers. No information about where he completed his school and university education, etc. It is still not disclosed among the people.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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