Wahlberg biography starts with his personal information. He is 5.2 by height. His birth name Paul Wahlberg. As far as the names of his parents concerned, the name of his father is Donald Wahlberg and the name of his mother was Alma Wahlberg. He is American by Nationality. His ethnicity is white. His place of birth is Boston Massachusetts. He is a chef by profession. He is working the television series.

His net worth is $ 1.5 million. This shows how much famous chef he is among the people. The color of his eye is brown. His color of hair is brown. He is 78 kg by weight. There are no details available about his affair and education.

He is working in the television show Wahlburgers. The name of her siblings is Donnie Wahlberg, Mark Wahlberg, and Robert Wahlberg. He took birth in the city namely Dorchester. As far as the information about his mother Alma is concerned, she was the clerk of a bank. His father was a veteran of US army and a delivery driver. The couple got divorced in the year 1982. As Far as his age is concerned, there are not many records available.

On February 14, 2008, his father died. He had spent his days with siblings. His ancestors come from English, Canadian, Swedish and German. His show has completed 35 episodes. He has also celebrated his birthday on the show. The show is doing well. He has also appeared in the Max Payne. His brother is a very famous singer. He is known for his performance in Ted and the other guy, etc.

His brother Donnie is known for his performance in Boston’s finest as the famous actor and singer. In the year 2003, his sister Debbie died. He is also having siblings from his father first marriage namely, Scott, buddy and Donna.

There is no such history of his dating, yet disclosed. He focuses more on his work. He doesn’t believe in speaking about his personal life before the public. You can come across the fact; he has not even disclosed anything about his relation and past affairs. He is focusing more on his reality show. He got married. He normally has two children from his wife. The names are Madison and Ethan Wahlberg. He teaches the cooking techniques to her children. You will see not much information of his family disclosed to the public.

There are not many records of his age and weight on the sites. He is having a masculine body and is having a well - defined face. His family belongs to the background of singer and actor and he is having his career on TV. He is having a high amount of salary. He has more and more fame from all over the world. This makes him more active on the social networking sites such as twitter and facebooks having lots of followers on it.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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