Rick was born on 23 November 1953. He was born in Oklahoma in United States of America. The name of his father is John Bayless and his mother’s name is Levita Bayless. As per the records, his parents worked as restauranteurs. The name of his elder sibling is Skip Bayless and his brother worked as a sports journalist. He completed his education from University of Oklahoma and later he decided to pursue a doctorate so he enrolled in University of Michigan for the same.

After completing his education, Rick started his career and he later got a chance to work in Cooking Mexican. He worked in the show for a year before he decided to do research about Mexican cuisine. It took him 6 years to complete his research. After completing his research, Rick joined the show again. The show was really popular and it showed the authentic Mexican recipes.

In 1980, he started working as a chef in Ohio, he learned a lot while he was a chef there and that helped him in gaining experience which encouraged him to open a restaurant. So he along with his wife started with a restaurant in 1987 and the name of the restaurant was Frontera Grills. The restaurant was known from Mexican food. In 1995, Rick opened a manufacturing unit by the name of Frontera Foods to produce food in high quantities. Rick sold the company to ConAgra Food after almost 20 years of his association with the brand. He was also featured in Iron Chef America.

It is known that Rick is also a member at Chefs Collaborative and they work for sustainable farming and they also contribute in sustainable cooking so as to benefit the environment. As per the information available, Rick is also the author of a cook books and most of those are known to be the best sellers in Mexico. Rick is known to be dedicated towards social work and that can be said because of one such effort where he established a foundation to help farmers by offering them money for development.

At present, he owns almost 10 restaurant in United States of America and he has also been honoured by several awards. Some of the awards he received includes Best New Chef of 1988 sponsored by Food and Wine Magazine, Culinary Hall of Fame and even his restaurants won several awards.

In 1979, Rick decided to get married so he tied knot with Deann Bayless. Rick’s wife is also a restaurateur and after the marriage, Deann gave birth to a daughter. She named her daughter as Lane Ann Bayless. It is known that couple loved children a lot and as of now the family is living in Unites States of America. The salary of this chef is not public but he surely earns a lot of money because of his restaurants and as per the latest estimate, his net worth is speculated to be around 30 Million American Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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