Paz was born on 2 January 1976 under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. She was born in Spain. The name of her father is Manuel Campos and he was a professional bull fighter. The name of her mother is Paz Trigo and she was a home maker. Paz also has a sister who is a dancer. She was very young when she decided to become an actress and a Dancer. She completed her schooling from Spain at the age of 16. She later enrolled into Andaluz de Teatro Stage School. The course lasted two years and then she decided to study journalism. After completing her education in journalism, it is known that Paz started living in Madrid.

It is known that she started her career with a Spanish TV show and the name of the show was Menudo es mi Padre. She also worked in several other shows and she worked in her first movie in 1999. The name of the movie was Zapping. She also got a role in I Will Survive. The same year, she got a chance to perform in 7 Vidas and the show became really popular. The show was often compared to Friends and the popularity of the show kept o increasing. This gave a huge break through to Paz. The show was aired for 7 years and it was aired till April 2006.

In 2001, she got a chance to work in Sex and Lucia and she gained a lot of fan following after doing this movie. She also worked in 10 Items or less and then she worked in The Spirit. Later, L’Oréal gave her a contract for the brand and she became the face of this brand in Spain. Her popularity can be judged by the brands she endorsed and the movies she did. Paz worked in over 40 shows and movies and she also won several awards. The award that she was honoured with was Best Breakthrough actress performance award which was given to her in 2001. The same year she won four more awards. 2004 turned out to be a lucky year for her as she won 2 awards during the year. She is known to be one of the best actress in the Spain and her net worth surely speaks the same.

Later, Paz got married to Orson Salazar in 2002 and it is known that her husband had his roots in Venezuela. In 2007, she gave birth to her first child and then 2 years later, another child was born and the next year another boy was born. It is known that the Spanish family lives together with children and it is known that this adorable couple lives a happy life. The annual salary of Paz is not known but it is reported that her net worth is over 10 million US dollars. She achieved a lot in her life and she achieved all this because of her own hard work.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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