Paul Magers

Paul Magers is one of the most well-known News Anchor and reporter with an impressive career in television. He won numerous awards in his field of activity, that’s why Paul has become increasingly appreciated over time.

Early life

Regarding his childhood, Paul Magers spent it in Ellensburg, Washington, but he was born in Santa Maria, California on May 15, 1954. About his high school, there is not a lot of information, but we can mention that he studied at the University of Washington where he earned his bachelor's degree in 1977 and at just 25 years of age, Paul Magers earned his juris doctorate degree from the Hamline University School of Law. Unfortunately, there is not information about his parents and his family, but he has a brother, named Ron Magers and three nieces (Tia Koso, Tracy Magers and Kendall Hewitt).

Professional life

His career started since his studies at the University of Washington, as a technician, producer and dispatcher in St. Paul at KSTP-TV. After finishing university studies, Paul Magers moved to Portland, where he worked as an on-air reporter at KATU-TV. In 1983, when he was only 29 years old, he started a collaboration with Diana Piece in KARE, which lasted two decades. He decided to leave KARE on December 2003 and after just a month he started a new job at KCBS television in Los Angeles. With this job, Paul become even more famous, by giving smile on people face. At every end of the show’s edition he started to dance, that’s why his dance moves were producing more and more entertainment. During his professional life, Paul Magers participated in many political debates and various community events, including a telethon to raise money for flood relief in Minnesota. Unfortunately, in 2017, at 63 years old, he announced his retirement from television, due to his long struggle with alcoholism.

Awards and salary

Paul was a very loved reporter, that’s why he won a lot of awards during his career. Here, we can incalude several Emmys and Mic Award, together with various industries awards. His celebrity came with an impressive salary of about 50.000 $ per month before his retirement. In addition, during the years of work, Paul Magers accumulated a net worth of around $10 million.

Personal life

Considering his personal life, Paul has been married for 36 years with Kathryn Magers, a journalist for more than 30 years. He was a loyal husband and very lovely that’s why the couple was blessed with two children, more precisely with two daughters: Emily Magers and Anna Magers. Both Paul and Kathryn are animal lovers, that’s why they live with two dogs Bentley and Albert at their Coldwater Canyon home. In addition, we can mention that the reporter was a faithfully husband, therefore it is no sign of an affair or relationship with others women. At an interview, Paul says that one of his biggest passions is music, which is the reason for his dance moves at the TV show and he enjoys watching movies and going out for dinners.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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