Pamela Byse

Pamela Byse is the wife of the famous African-American actor, Moris Chestnut, who is known for his role in the film “Boyz N The Hood” and the television series “Rosewood”. She has mostly stayed out of the spotlight, that’s why there is not many information about her professional and personal life.

Early life

Pamela was born on 22 December 1973, in Los Angeles, California, the United States and at the moment, her age is 42 years old. Initially, she studied at a primary school in Los Angeles, where she was a very good student at school, but she mentioned that she dislikes going there. During this period, she had the habit to manipulate her friends and her enemies, but this habit didn’t create serious problems for her. Pamela Byse continued her studies at a high school in Los Angeles, where she was also an excellent student but she did not attend college, like her husband Moris Chestnut. Unfortunately, she didn’t continue her studies at a university.

Personal and family life

At only 23 years old, Pamela Byse decided to marry with her actual husband, Moris Chestnut. The couple was blessed with two children, a boy named Grant Chestnut and a girl, named Paige Chestnut. Grant (21 years old) became a student at the University of Colorado and Paige (20 years old) completed her high school education from Calabasas High School in California, the United States.

Like their mother, the children preferred to stay out of the public life, that’s why there is not more information about their personal life. Occasionally Pamela appears with her famous husband at celebrity events, premiers and award ceremonies. For example, they participated at the 45th NAACP Awards, where Morris Chestnut won the NAACP Image Award. Pamela considers that she has a perfect and a happy family and she doesn’t want to change it.

Despite all the rumors that they were divorced or the controversy that Morris had a son from his previous relationship, their marriage continued and there is no sign of divorce between Morris and Pamela. At an interview, Pamela mentioned that the secret of a long-lasting marriage is the communication. That’s why she advice all the couplet to communicate more with each other and to understand the needs and the wants of the partner.

In an interview with Essence, Morris explained a little bit his opinion about a long marriage. In addition, he presented more why the communication is one of the best qualities for a long relationship. He explained, of course, why Pamela is the perfect wife for him and he gave some advices all the couples.

Professional life

There are not known more details about the professional life of Pamela Byse and she always prefers to stay out of the spotlight considering that she is not a celebrity, that’s why she doesn’t prefer to share her private life on the social media. In addition, she does not need to work, due to her husband which is a famous actor with an impressive net worth, estimated to be around $14 millions.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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