Morris Chestnut was born on 1st January, in the year 1969. He is an African American actor who works in both TV and movies. His birthplace is Cerritos, California in United States of America. His full name is Morris Lamont Chestnut. He has been working in the industry for almost twenty six years now.


His father’s name is also Morris and his mother’s name is Shirley. From his childhood he had a dream to be an actor. He used to participate in many school plays when he was in school his teacher was David Seaman who first found out his potential in acting and told him to continue chasing his dream. Morris also loved acting. He felt addictive when his crowed used to applaud him during a play. He found that feeling the best in the world. And he decided to be an actor. He had his graduation from Richard Garh High School in the year 1986. He was a student of finance and drama. His biography was full of interesting movies which his fans loved.


At the age of twenty one, he landed on his first television role called Jadon. The name of the show was Freddy’s Nightmare: A Nightmare on Elm Street. Right after doing this, he got his first feature film in the year 1991. This time the name of the film was “Boyz in the Hood”. After that he had done many TV productions. He was rising in a stable manner. The reason of his stability was for the selecting a moderately cast movie which always did moderate Business and people started knowing him by his performance in interesting roles. Before he got married, he was lucky to get the role in “The Best Man”. It was in the year 1999 when he grabbed this role for a professional football player. The role was well received by the audience as well as critics. The film was also good at box office. Inspired by his own role, he took again the same type of role after eight years. In the year 2007, he acted in a movie called ‘The Game Plan’. He changed the genre of his acting and acted in ‘The Brothers’ which was a romantic comedy in 2001. After 3 years, we saw him doing the role of a firefighter.

He did movies with famous action movie actor Steven Segal not only once but thrice. Morris was hi onscreen partner. Among those films, “Half Past Dead” and “Prince of Pistols” were very much praised by the viewers. He was one of the black sorority and fraternity members.


He got married in the year of 1995. His wife is Pam Byse. His net worth is a staggering 14 million dollars. The couple has two beautiful children. Their names are Paige Chestnut and Grant Chestnut. There is a rumor about Morris that he has a son with a woman whom he met in high school. But it is not confirmed and Morris never told anybody about this. So, it remains a Rumor.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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