Josh Mcdaniels

Early life

Joshua Thomas McDaniels is the offensive coordinator and quartercoach of the New England Patriots in NFL (National Football League). He was born on 22th April 1976 in Canton, Ohio. His father was a legend of Ohio high schools football and he was in 1997 the High School Coach of the year. He attended John Caroll University, where he played football as wide receiver, between 1995-1998. In 2001 he joined the Patriots staff.

Coaching career

McDaniels started his career as a coach in 1999, as a senior graduate assistent at Michigan State Univeristy. In 2004 McDaniels was promoted to coaching the quarterbacks. Here he demonstrated that he is one of the best. So, under McDaniels, Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, had his four best statistical years in his career. In 2007, the Patriots set a NFL record and scored 75 touchdowns, 67 of them being offensive scores. Other teams started to look at McDaniels and recognize his coaching ability. In 2008, after the end of the season, McDaniels became the head coach of the Denver Broncos. He was the youngest head coach in any of North American Sports. In 2009 season, the Broncos started the with six wins, including a win over the Patriots in Week 5, and then sufferred four losses. In the last game, the Broncos lost the game against the Kansas City Chiefs and they missed the playoffs. In 2010 season, tha Broncos lost again against The Kansas City Chiefs and he was fired. In 2011, McDaniels became the offensive coordinator of St. Louis Rams, under head coach Steve Spagnuolo. He said about McDaniels: „I’ve always recognized that he is one of the top offensive minds in NFL. We think he is a great addition to our organization.” After the end of the 2011 season, McDaniels was hired by the Patriots as an assistant coach during 2011 playoffs, and in 2012 he replaced Bill O’Brien as offensive coordinator /quarterbackscoach. In 2014 season, Patriots won the Super Bowl Li against the Atlanta Falcons. After that, they won another three Super Bowls. In 2018, McDaniels decided to go to Indianapolis Colts as head coach, but then he changed his mind and stayed at the Patriots.

Videotaping controversy

In November 2010, McDaniels was fined by NFL with $50.000, because Steve Scarnecchia videotaped a San Francisco 49ers walkthrough practice, during a game at Wembley Stadium in London. Steve Scarnecchia was the team director of video operations hired in 2009 by McDaniels. The video was seen only by McDaniels and that’s why he was fined, , because he didn’t report the incident to the league office. The story was brought to light by an anonymous source. McDaniels later declared: I apologize for not promptly reporting the improper conduct of our video director before our game against the 49ers in London. The actions of this individual are in no way representative of the values and integrity held by myself, our players and coaches, and the entire Denver Broncos organization.” This incident was the motive that, one week later, McDaniels was fired.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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