Olivia Wayne works as a sports news host at Sky Sports. She was born in the year 1986, in the city of London, in England. She is 30 years old and she got married to Zeb Wayne who works as a DJ and the two were expecting their first child.

From her biography, Olivia Wayne got a BA degree from Canadian and American studies and this show that she is not charming only but she is a qualified woman to work on Sky Sports Network. Her education has been focused on the anthropology and on American Studies. She is a host of SSN Sports Channel and she is considered to be one of the dominant sports channel in all Ireland and UK. She is best as a presenter and a broadcaster of Sky Sports and the umbrella is Sky PLC which is a pioneer for British Commercial Sports News.

Olivia Wayne was born as Olivia Godfrey and before joining the Sky News, she was working like intern of Warner Brothers production based on Hollywood. She was able to host many events at WB production successfully when she was starting out her career. After this, she became active participant in different fashion show and talk show in the entire LA. This included Fashion PR and then Talk Pr for Stella McCarteney’s Press Office and she became a host for a Go West Music event and of Elle.com.

Olivia Wayne also worked like a host for a program under the name of Making the Videos and she was working with many musicians and of song artists for Mischa Paris. Afterwards, she returned to live in London and was asked to be the host of Fashion Awards. She was working like at Vogue TV but because she was a football fan, she wanted to pursue the career in the Sports Anchoring. This is where she was able to gain the name and the fame that she continues to hold by now. She got excited in the career when she was a sports journalist and her net worth is considered to be over 14.6 million dollars.

Olivia Wayne got married to her husband DJ Zeb Wayne and is based in the city of London where he is called DJ Wayne. The two are happy according to images that are being posted on the social sites. The two are waiting to get a new addition to their family. However, they do not have too many children now. It seems that this is a bold decision to have a baby when the two have just started to build their career. Olivia Wayne is a British by nationality and white by her ethnicity. More information about her age, and more can be found on some wiki websites. She has 5 feet and 4 inches with blue eye and brown hair.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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