Rachel Marie was born on February 6, 1999 in Mexico. She spent her first years in Mexico and later her family moved to the United States. She was raised in Central Florida, where she lives now. He started gymnastics when she was just six years old. There is no information about her parents, siblings and education details. She was very passionate and serious in her dreams and at the early time she was planning to start her career. Rachel Marie was raised as a Christian. Rachel has always been a very active person. During school years her interest in the sport only increased and she immediately began to reach new heights in the gymnastics and then in acrobatics.

She began doing videos about gymnastics in the 2010, when she created her channel on YouTube with 1010gymgirl account. She is a successful athlete and received numerous of awards like Super Pro Gymnastics Award, Creativity Gym Club Award, Senior Contortion Club Award, Go Pink Gymnast Award. Afterwards, her competitive career ended and Rachel started working on contortion and aerial arts.

In August of the 2014 Rachel created a new self-titled channel on YouTube to post videos mainly about sport, gymnastics and acrobatics. In the 2015 she got Level 7 gymnast and landed the Saturday spot on the hugely popular “SevenGymnasticsGirls” channel. Currently, being 18 years old, she already is a gym owner and coach as well as a former successful aerialist and a contortionist. She showcases her sport skills on YouTube and receiving a huge level of fame. For that moment she has about 32 thousand subscribers on her channel.

She likes to travel and like Rachel said she is “an avid traveler from the age of 10”. Rachel is very sociable, she tries to find common with children and trying to make her videos interesting and told about the elements of acrobatic gymnastics and to her viewers. She always communicates with her subscribers to give them a good advice that will help them cope with the their tasks.

In her spare time, Rachel likes to communicate with her friends, actively relax and read a book. Due to past occupational injuries, now she focused her career as a youtuber. She tries to give to her videos a new format, and she develops her small business in the her own gym. She also focuses on further education. She is young and beautiful and has a great future in the world of sport and television.

Rachel Marie is not married lady. Being just eighteen years old, she doesn’t have any longtime relationship. Currently she is dating with her boyfriend Brennen. There is a photography with both of them in the Instagram. There is no information about her previous relationship. There is no information about her net worth. The information about her can be found on several social media sites, like Twitter or Facebook. She doesn’t have nothing in common with jewelry designer Rachel Marie.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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