Phyllis was born on 10 July 1951. She was born in Missouri in United States of America. The name of her mother is Glenda Smith but the name of her father is not known. As per the information available, her parents lived in Missouri and Phyllis’s childhood was spend there. Phyllis completed her education from University of Missouri in Saint Louis and she completed her graduation in 1972. She received her degree in the field of Elementary Education.

After completed her education, she started working as a cheerleader and a dance. She worked for the local football team and she performed in some events as well. It is known that she suffered a bad knee injury while dancing that forced her to stop dancing. In an interview she revealed that she was fond of dancing since a very young age and she took her cousins shoes to start dancing. She also revealed that her father was unaware of the fact that she loves to dance. Phyllis is of a very happy go lucky nature and she supports various charity programs as well.

Phyllis later got a chance to work in The Office. The role that she was offered was of Phyllis Vance. It is known that this role was created only for her. Phyllis’s role was mainly to disagree with her manager. She was widely loved by her audience for this role and as per the records, she was honoured with the award of Screen Actors Guild Award. This award was given to her in 2006 and later the award was again given to her in 2007.

Phyllis was also featured in an episode of Family Feud and she later got a role in the movie Bad Teacher. Her career was not restricted to movies, she also worked in animated films and gave voice to the characters. One such character movie was Inside Out which was produced by Pixar. The movie was a hit on box office and Phyllis received a lot of appreciation for hr work. It is known that in 2016, Phyllis got a role in The OA. The OA is a series on Netflix.

Talking about her overall career, she worked in 6 movies and out of those, she worked in 3 movies in 2011. She was also honoured with an Annie Award for her Voice in the movie Inside Out. She also worked in 7 TV series. Phyllis also got an opportunity to work in a Disney Video game.

As per the information available, Phyllis got married to gym and after the marriage she gave birth to two children. At present she lives with her husband and her children. There was no hype about her marriage and it is believed that she married in secrecy as she didn’t want to tell people about her personal life. Phyllis’s annual salary is not known but it is known that her net worth is over 7 Million American Dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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