Nicole Williams was born in the middle of the 70s in Spokane, Washington, United States. She is of white ethnicity. There is no any information about her parents, siblings and early childhood. She is a double majored in Business Management and Economics at the Whitworth College. He also spent the majority of her first steps in writer career working as a Technical Recruiter for a major software development company in the Seattle area. She was inspired by such novels like “Pride and Prejudice”, “Where the red fern grows”, “Little Women”, “I love the hush” and “Twilight”. She had an impressive book collection growing up.

She got her success after she released the Crash series, including HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster UK. Later she published Lost and Found on May of the 2013. The most popular novels were “Clash”, Great Exploitations”, “Up In Flames” (Simon & Schuster UK) “The Eden” Trilogy, and “The Patrick Chronicles”. She also wrote such novels like “Fissure”, “Near and far”, “Wildly Sophisticated: A Bold New Attitude for Career Success” and “Mischief in Miami”.

As Nicole said she write in genres New Adult and Young Adult because she still believe in happy endings, romance, true and clear love, and perfect soul mates. I write in general because it's my passion in life and I'm fortunate enough to have found a way to make my passion my career. In this year she will release the third volume of the Crash series, it will appear on April 23rd.

She has a brilliant career in the New York Times. As she said in an interview “writing has been a lifelong passion and hobby, and no matter what, I’ll be writing to my grave”. She also said that she never recall that she want to be a writer. She said that it was always just a part of her. “When I decided I wanted to make a serious run of it, the whole getting published/feeling naked in front of the world thing, was about three years ago – said Nicole”. She also made a formula of writing a novel “you need to take some passion plus caffeine and multiply it on Sleepless Night”. Currently, she works on her new project “Touching down”.

Nicole is a married woman. Married to her longtime boyfriend in the middle of the 2000s. Currently, they spent ten years together. There is no information about her husband. Nicole also has a baby girl, who was born in the 2009. Since then she has become a stay-at-home mom. She never became any part of rumor and controversy. Nicole is a very private person.

She has maintained to keep her profile very low so there is no any more information found relating to her personal life. She earns a massive salary being a bestseller author, but the exact total net worth of Nicole is unknown. The information about Nicole can be found on several social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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