Niykee Heaton whose full name is Nicolette Aleta Heaton was conceived on December 4, 1994, in Illinois. She was born to white parents of American ethnicity. Niykee gave herself preparing on music and was occupied with music since a little age. She had two siblings one of which, her sister, died at the age of 21 years and she has been a motivation for many of her music videos and songs. When she was in secondary school, she began transferring of her recorded tunes, on YouTube since 2011.

She started to take music lessons as well. She additionally learned acoustic guitar and discharged recordings of acoustic spreads. She began chatting with a few record names and began singing with All Def Digital since 2014. At this point in time, her Youtube channel started to get many views and she became famous over a period of some months.

In 2014 she finished the Billboard's Next Big Sound with further helped her ascent into notoriety. She released her first album The Bad Intentions in 2014. The song featured in the billboards top 100 songs at the time. She has likewise discharged a site Natural Born Killers, NBK. She has been on a Canada tour as well after the success of her first album.

This beautiful excellence was reputed to date rapper Trinidad around 2013. He admitted to being her boyfriend but the relationship didn't last very long. They apparently were hanging out together accordingly offering to ascend to bits of gossip about their issue. At the point when gotten some information about her own life, Niykee went ahead to express that she is a bizarre identity and in this manner is single.

She is currently most focussed on her career and doesn't want to date anyone. She likewise said that she like her chief Lauren Prescott a great deal in this manner making individuals feel like they are lesbians, however, went ahead to clear up that she isn't a gay person. This stirred a controversy late in the day.  She subsequently hasn't been included with anybody as of late and is presumably sitting tight for her Mr. Perfect to come around. While on a tour she fractured her leg and had to go through a surgery to make it right. This meant she had to take bed rest for a month. She hasn't been hitched and doesn't appear on wanting to do as such at any point in the near future so every news regarding her husband and or kids is false on the internet.

There is no news about her total net worth as she hasn't revealed it but looking at her success it seems like it is in million of dollars. Her height is 5 feet 6 inch which is average height for a girl. She is very popular on social media and posts pictures on a regular basis on Instagram and twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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