RuPaul is an American actress born on 17 November 1960 in San Diego, California. His parents separated in 1967 after which RuPaul and his three sisters lived with his mother. In childhood RuPaul used to learn fashion from his mother and three sisters. As teenager RuPaul with his sister Renetta used to study performing arts in Atlanta, Georgia. He used to perform as dancer at club and worked in low budget film Starbooty. Then in early ‘90s he moved to New York City and worked as most famous Pyramid club as solo artist or with bands. His work was noticed in UK when he was filmed in channel 4 series Manhattan cable.

In 1993 RuPaul recorded his first album Supermodel of the world which was a huge success on MTV channel. The song was ranked as number 45 in billboard top 100 and number 39 in US single charts. And again toped billboard Hot Dance Music and Club Play chart for next two song “ Back to my roots” and “ A shade Shady ( Now Prance ).

RuPaul was caught in controversy with Milton Berle at MTV Video Music Award in 1993 when Milton was attempted to touch RuPaul’s false breasts. RuPaul described this incident in his biography. The same year he covered “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart “with Elton John which was noticeable one of the biggest hit and was ranked in US singles chart. He was named as first drag queen supermodel after he signed modelling contract for MAC cosmetics. In early 2000 RuPaul released 4 album and few singles but none of them worked as first did. They were not even ranked in billboard or US single charts. In 2006 RuPaul released his first remix album which included new songs and dialogue of movies.

In April 2011 RuPaul launched his sixth album Glamazon which was unexpectedly a huge success and ranked at number 11 in Billboard Dance or Electric album and number 8 in Billboard Top Heatseekers. RuPaul made many appearance like on The Rosie Show and was noticed at Drag Race NY Premiere party. Till fall of 2013 RuPaul released two albums and one single which failed to mark any number on billboard.

RuPaul collaborated with Revolucian to give seventh studio album in 2014 named as Born Naked. RuPaul also recorded a cover album named as RuPaul Presents the CoverGurtz which also includes all songs of RuPaul from 2009 to 2013. It was huge success and was marked on US Billboard Dance Chart and Billboard top 200 chart at number 4 and 85 respectively. In August 2014 he was added to judging panel of reality show Skin Wars.

In 2015 eighth album of RuPaul was released entitled as Realness and released second Christmas album in August named as Slay Belles. He was seen has hosting a show named Good Work. In April 2016 RuPaul hosted new game show called Gay for Play Game Show Starring RuPaul. He also released his tenth album in February 2016 which was marked at number 3 of US Billboard Dance Chart

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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