Mark Evan Halperin or Mark Halperin is a political analyst working for MSNBC and also Bloomberg TV. He was born on 11th January 1965 at Bethesda in Maryland USA. He is also an author and has worked as a co-managing editor with Bloomberg Politics in the past. His parents are Morton Halperin and Ina Young. His father was an expert on foreign policy. He has two sibling brothers, David Halperin and Gary Halperin. Mark received his B.A. degree from the prestigious Harvard University in 1987. He presently stays at New York City. His girlfriend Karen Avrich is also an author. They are not yet married.

Mark was a desk assistant with ABC News in 1988 when he started his career. He also worked as a researcher for the show World News Tonight. He later moved on to work in the investigative department for the same show as well as working as a reporter on general assignments in Washington, USA. In 1992, he covered the election of Bill Clinton as the President of the USA, as a producer working off-air. He was promoted to the post of producer and editorial producer with ABC in 1994 at New York.

In 1997, ABC news named him political director and he became more and more frequent on radio and television programs. He conducted and founded the popular show The Note which was essentially a daily update on the political situations in USA and around the world. His first book was released in 2006 with co-author John F Harris. The book was titledThe Way to Win: Clinton, Bush, Rove. His second book was released in 2008 named How to Take the White House. He has also co-authored the several books with John Heilemann. The book was later made into a movie by HBO in 2012 in which Mark had a cameo.

Mark was selected as a board member of Saint Alsem’s College’s New Hampshire Institute of Politics situated at Goffstown, New Hampshire and has been a part of it since 2006. He is also on the public advisory board of NHIOP since 2008. Halperin was a political analyst with ABC News in 2007. In the same year, the Time magazine hired him in the position of political analyst as well as an editor. He worked as a political analyst with MSNBC in 2010.

Mark Halperin has been accused of media bias by the Conservatives during the coverage of 2004 Presidential elections. He landed himself in a huge controversy and was eventually suspended for a month by MSNBC in 2011 for using objectionable language against President Barack Obama on his show.He has had his share of criticism too. In 2015 he was accused by Ruben Navarette of putting up racist questions during his interview of Republican Senator Ted Cruz. He has also been accused of being biased and having political affiliation towards Donald Trump. His Twitter account is @MarkHalperin. Unconfirmed sources claim his net worth to be around 12 million dollars per year.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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