Marge Ditka is famous for being the first wife of a legendary football coach known as Mike Ditka. They were married in 1961 but got divorced in 1973.

Background of Marge’s Famous Love

Marge’s first husband, Mike Ditka was born as Michael Keller Ditka and he was born in 1939. He was a popular footballer and he is now more than 70 years old. However despite his age, he still looks handsome and young with his unique styles and looks. He is an older sibling in his family and the names of his parents are Mike Ditka Sr and Charlotte Keller. His family had a coal mining manufacturing company and they have been always successful with their business operations.

After completing his high school education, he attended the University of Pittsburgh and he was good with his studies and his preparation for his class work. He became a member for Sigma Chi Fraternity in 1958. He was a member of the organization for two years. He was a good athlete when it came to playing basketball and baseball when he was still in his college years. He started to get really good at football and was chosen to join the  College Football All-America team. Getting on the team opened up the path to having a professional career as a football player. When he was in his senior year, he was a very good player and he helped his college reach to a winning position.

Marriage to a Football Genius

Marge Ditka is happy to be known as the first wife of Mike Ditka even though their marriage did not last. She is proud that she was with him as he was developing his ability to coach a football team. Even though she was not with him when he reached his peak of fame and success, she knows that in her heart she had a big role in what he was able to accomplish.

When Marge and Mike got married in 1961, they thought they were going to be together forever. They were a perfect fit for each and marriage seemed like the most logical destination for the love birds. After over a decade of being with each other, things started to sour between them. They tried their best to fix their problems but it was too much for them to save their relationship. They finally had enough and decided to get divorced in 1973. The reason for their divorce was never confirmed but there were rumors that Mike was seeing another woman. Marge couldn’t handle the infidelity and pushed for a divorce because she did not want have to face the public shame of having her husband cheat on her.

Husband’s Football Career

Marge’s famous husband was born in Pennsylvania. He did some small bits as an actor but everyone knows him as a football coach. He has been a head coach of the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears. His net worth is 30 million dollars. He has been awarded a plaque from the College Football Hall of Fame.


Mike joined the broadcasting booth in the year 1992 and he was a football analyst host at NFL Live. He has been a commentator at NFL Live of ESPN and of ESPN’s Sunday, and NFL Countdown. After being successful on screen, he participated in movies because producers wanted a sports figure that was familiar to audiences.

Dating Life of Ex Husband

Mike Ditka has been linked to a number of girls in his college days and he also admits that he has dated many girlfriends and had some affairs sometimes. However, he is now married and he has a successful life and his wife understands and trusts him well.

His current wife runs a restaurant and he took some cooking lessons so that he can start to eat healthy and to cook tasty foods with his family. His current wife is Diana Tartham and they got married in the year 1977. They have got 4 children who are Mark Ditka, Matt Ditka, Megan Ditka and Mike Ditka III. They got married soon after Marge’s divorce with Mike.

Personal Life

Marge Ditka’s personal details are not available to find online. The only information about her is that she was the first wife of Mike Ditka. If she got remarried and had children afterwards, and other personal details have been hidden from the media. She has no Twitter account or any other social media accounts. She doesn't want her private life to be examined by the public.

Religious Views of Football Husband

In an interview with One Peter Five, Mike Ditka was asked if his Catholic faith was always an important source of inspiration for him, “Definitely. I altar served throughout grade school. Actually, I even served a couple Masses at college at Pitt. Like I said, the nuns were tough, but it was really good for me. Everything has changed because they don’t get the vocations anymore. They need the vocations in order to do what they have to do.

He thinks that the Church has gone down since he was a child. He has doubts that the Church will be able to recover itself, “I don’t know how to undo this stuff – how to get people to go back to church and to the sacraments. I really don’t. People just don’t seem to value the same things anymore. I mean, a guy I served Mass with, this Italian kid, became a priest (even though he died too young – I’m 79 now, and he must have died thirty years ago). This was much more common back then: lots of boys actually wanted to enter the priesthood. Can’t even imagine young guys talking like this nowadays. You know, be a disciple by being a priest or, if you’re a girl, a nun. Course, there’s a way to be a disciple [even in the laity] – and that is to love and respect your fellow man – but the best way is as a priest, and the Church needs vocations today.”

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2020

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