Nick Vallelonga

Nick Vallelonga was born in the year 1959. He is of American nationality. He is well known in producing and co-writing the film named Green Book and he got the Academy Awards for it. He had also been the director of other movies such as Stiletto, In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye is King Choker.


According to his biography, Nick Vallelonga was born to Dolores and Tony Vallelonga. At the beginning, he was following the father while acting and had a minor role in the films such as Prizzi’s Honor, GoodFellas, Splash and The Godfather. His father worked in the US Army and he started the acting career when he appeared in The Godfather. Nick Vallelonga was born with a brother named Frank Vallelonga who also acts. He appeared in the The Sopranos together with his father, A Brilliant Disguise, and in Green Book. Their mother died in the year 1999 and their father died in 2013 when he was 82 years old.


He started the screenwriting when he was in Deadfall which was directed by Christopher Coppola. He continued the acting career while at the same time writing and directing different films like Yellow Rock, The Corporate Ladder, Choker and A Brilliant Disguise.

After co-writing the Green Book, Nick Vallelonga became famous since it received many award nomination and wins. Nick Vallelonga joined the entertainment business at the age of 12 and he became interested after seeing kids in the Godfather. He did her acting studies under well known teachers like William Hickey, Julie Bovasso and Tom Brennan.

Before becoming famous, he made some appearances at the Off-Broadway production and he had some minor roles in the television movies and films. He did work like a script editor and also a teleprompter of many news shows at CBS News.

When it comes to the Green Book, it became an instant success and it was on a modest budget which was 23.5 million. It reaches to 127.1 million on the Box office. It became among the 10 best films in 2018. It won the Title of the National Board Review in the year 2018. He was telling the story of his father which was played by the Actor Viggo Mortensen and with a famous pianist named Don Shirley which was played by the actor Mahershala Ali. The film premiered at Toronto Film Festival and it reached the People’s Choice Award. However, the family of Shirley complained that some information is not truth and he said that there is some information that his family does not have about him.

Married, wife, children

Even if Nick Vallelonga had been in the spotlight for a long period but there is no information that talks about his married status. It is not clear if he had a wife, a divorce or children.

Salary, net worth

Nick Vallelonga’s salary and net worth have not been recorded anywhere.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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